Most women have dreamt of possessing tresses like Rapunzel. But quite frankly, not all of us have the time or money to go through the long and tedious process of having them grow and maintain to a satisfactory length.

This is where hair extensions save the day. More and more women are getting them to instantly get volume, length, and shineโ€”no spell needed.

However, like many things in life, we might daydream about our possibilities with hair extensions. But it’s not always that there’s an expert eye on how to properly care for and style them. Read on to see common hair extension mistakes that we wanna avoid.

1. Over-Styling

Hair Extensions

One of the most common hair extension mistakes is over-styling your hair. This can cause your hair to look unhealthy and can even lead to breakage. To avoid this, be sure to use a heat protectant spray before using any heated styling tools.

In addition, avoid using tight hairstyles that can pull on your hair and cause damage.

2. Wearing the Wrong Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type

Wearing the wrong hair extensions for your hair type can lead to breakage, tangling, and general damage to your natural hair. To avoid this, always research the different types of hair extensions available and consult with a professional to find the best type of hair extensions for you.

3. Not Properly Caring for Your Hair Extensions

different kinds of hair extensions

Another mistake is not properly caring for your hair extensions. This includes not brushing them regularly, not using the proper products, and not getting them trimmed or styled regularly.

This can again lead to damage and tangling. To avoid this, make sure to brush your extensions daily, use gentle products, and get them trimmed or styled every 6-8 weeks.

4. Not Getting Your Hair Extensions Professionally Installed

Professional stylists have the experience and expertise to know how we should be properly installing and wearing hair extensions so that they look natural and blend in with your real hair.

In addition, they have the right tools and products to ensure that the hair extensions are installed correctly and securely. Finally, professional stylists can give you advice on hair extension maintenance and how to care for them so that they last longer and stay looking their best.

5. Damaging Your Real Hair

Hair Extension Mistakes

Not taking care of your real hair underneath is a no-no. If the hair extensions are attached with harsh glue or taped in, they can pull on the real hair and damage it. Do not fail to take extra care of your hair while you have extensions in by using gentle shampoo and conditioner, and avoiding heat styling.

Avoiding the Common Hair Extension Mistakes

All of these common hair extension mistakes we have mentioned can be easily avoided by doing your research ahead of time and making sure you are working with a reputable hair extension salon. Our hair is very fragile and can make or break our overall look so we must be careful!

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