Commercial loans are some of the best things a business can get.

When a business is trying to purchase something that they currently can’t afford, they opt for a commercial loan. There are various types of commercial loans, all of which are meant for businesses. You can find a loan for the property, equipment, and more.

Commercial lending has become standard for many people because starting a business today costs a lot of money. In most cases, one can take out a commercial loan and quickly pay it back. These loans should be used as tools, allowing you to jumpstart your business and start earning revenue.

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Commercial Mortgage

Mortgages are something that most people are familiar with because people regularly take them out for homes. A commercial mortgage is similar to a house mortgage in that it’s a loan for a property, but it’s meant for commercial use.

These are taken out by businesses that are looking to find a property to operate out of or expand their services. Just like a house mortgage, a lender will use the business property at question as collateral. Should the business neglect to make payments, the lender has the right to take the property and sell it.

Commercial mortgages are some of the most common types of commercial loans. They come in varying amounts depending on where you go, so you’d have to browse until you find a lender you like. In most cases, you can get one that has a repayment plan of 10+ years and reasonable interest rates.

Interest-Only Payment Loan

An interest-only payment loan is one of the unique loans that businesses get. Unlike most loans, these require borrowers to pay off the interest before they can pay the rest of the loan. This allows businesses to save money, which is especially beneficial for startup companies.

When you apply for an interest-only payment loan, the lender will tell you how long the interest-only period is. After making payments throughout that period, you’ll move on to paying regular monthly payments along with the interest.

This option is best for startup companies as larger businesses don’t need to worry about acquiring funds. However, these loans can force businesses to pay more in the long run than they would with another loan.

Hard Money Loan

When it comes to commercial lending, hard money loans are typically used as last resort options when a business is desperate to gather money. A hard money loan allows a business to borrow money and use its property as collateral. This is similar to a mortgage in that the borrower obtains real estate property.

The main difference between a hard money loan and a mortgage is the fact that hard money loans are much easier to acquire. Instead of going through a bank for a mortgage, you can borrow money from hard money lenders.

The downside to a hard money loan is that the interest rates can be high depending on where you go. As such, many companies try to avoid getting one unless they have no other option.

Construction Loan

A construction loan is a type of commercial loan that’s used when a company wants to build a property. Construction loans are convenient when a business wants to make property specified to their needs or can’t qualify for another type of loan.

These loans are risky because they often come with short repayment periods of up to a year. Upon completion of the property, a business can turn the construction loan into a mortgage or get a new loan to pay it off.

Most lenders require borrowers to make a down payment before getting a construction loan. This is to ensure that the business can afford to pay the loan back and it gives the lender some cushion in case the business neglects to pay.

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Real estate is a common industry that many people invest in because there’s a lot of room to earn massive payouts. Some people try to make businesses out of commercial real estate, so they look into loans when they’d like to get started.

Here are some of the most common types of commercial real estate that people invest in:


Apartments are residential buildings that are often made up of several floors. Each floor hosts several living units, allowing landlords to rent each unit and earn a profit.


Office buildings are common investments because they don’t come with many upkeep costs. These buildings can hold several rooms and meeting areas. Each office can be rented out to other companies.


Hotels make for great business investments, but they cost a lot to purchase. With something like a commercial mortgage, you can start a hotel and make your money back within a short period.

Consider Getting These Commercial Loans Today

If you’re someone that’s looking to start a business or already have one, getting a commercial loan could help you maximize your profits. When you get a commercial loan, you can acquire things that you currently can’t afford. Whether it’s property or equipment, various types of commercial loans would help you get them.

When you’re making a business plan, figure out what things you’ll need and what you can afford. If there’s something you can’t purchase but would make a big difference for your business, look into commercial loans to see what would work.

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