Diabetes is sadly when the body’s natural ability to manage its main energy source – glucose – is impaired.

You will need insulin – a hormone – to get the glucose into your cells. With type 1 diabetes, the pancreas produces virtually no insulin and with type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces some insulin. The reasons a person has diabetes are largely linked to lifestyle – poor diet and lack of exercise.

Stay with us for simple ways to lower the cost of diabetes management.

Diabetic Socks for Men with Most Comfortable

Certainly, if you are an insulin dependant diabetic, you should avoid exercising when your insulin is peaking as you could become hypoglycaemic. Remember to always monitor your sugar levels before and after exercise, ensure you are well hydrated during your exercise and use the correct footwear.

Are you affected by diabetes? Here are some important Lifestyle changes for diabetes.

Diabetic socks have been designed to decrease the risk of a foot injury, and to also enhance blood circulation. These diabetic socks for men are a crucial part of foot care to manage diabetes.

Diabetic Socks – reduces the Risk of a Foot Injury

An important part of diabetic management is to get moving as exercise helps control weight and can also improve the way your body responds to insulin and help lower blood pressure.

Nerve damage decreases sensation in the feet, and particularly the soles of the foot, and this is what can increase the risk of injury. Certainly, people with diabetes who have seen a change in foot color or have nerve damage or fungal infections could use these diabetic socks for men.

Look for the Right Features Diabetic Socks for Men

Diabetic socks for men are designed with a number of features so as to address foot issues that are present because of diabetes. Diabetic Sock Club understands this need. Their socks are made in the U.S.A. and are physician-approved.

Diabetic socks for men come in lots of fashionable colors, they have cushioned soles and the 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% lycra does an excellent job keeping the diabetic feet cool, dry, comfortable and good-looking.

◼ Moisture-wicking Material

The socks help to keep the feet dry and they improve blood circulation. It is why diabetic socks are made with a moisture-wicking material.

The acrylic-fiber draws moisture away from the foot and allows it to evaporate. This is important as it lowers the risk of odor as well as fungal infections.

◼ Seamless

Another important feature of men’s diabetic socks is that the socks are seamless. This is important as there is no seam to irritate the foot and encourage blisters and ulcers.

Other important features of diabetic socks –

Always do research to get the best diabetic socks. Some are made with copper- or silver-infused yarn. Antimicrobial properties like this are necessary so as to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

◼ Non-abrasive Yarns

Diabetic socks are often made from soft fabrics that feel soft and non-irritating against the skin. Those who have worn diabetic socks say that polyester, cotton and lycra are a particularly good option if you want to avoid rough abrasion against the skin.

◼ Padded Socks

The extra padding on the sole or around the toe can also help with preventing foot injuries. Think about the activities you do and buy the diabetic socks with padding in the sock that matches the activity you do.

You may require extra padding in the heel while someone else may require more padding in the toe area.

◼ No Restriction

People with diabetes have impaired blood circulation. Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage in the legs and feet. The symptoms of neuropathy can range from numbness in your feet to urinary tract problems as well as heart issues.

The more severe the neuropathy, the more important it is to ensure the affected areas are getting adequate blood.

Ordinary socks may result in moderate restriction so that you see those compression lines around the ankle, whereas diabetic socks have no such restriction. The socks made for diabetics may well be close-fitting but they are non-restrictive and designed to take away any pressure on the foot and leg.

What to Look Out for

When you start looking for socks made for diabetics, there are different brands and you want to be sure you choose socks that meet your particular needs.

You always want to go with a reputable brand – well known for their men’s diabetic socks that have been made from soft, breathable, lightweight textiles designed to keep the feet dry, comfortable and odor-free hour after hour.

It does not matter what activity you are taking part in, as there are socks that are ideal for men participating in sports for instance, as the socks are soft and offer a cozy fit.

Your EXACT Match

You will notice that there are many kinds of diabetic socks. For instance, you will find ‘best socks for men’, ‘best socks for women’, ‘best socks for work,’ ‘best socks for warmth’ and so on.

Most diabetics who have not yet developed neuropathy are happy to go along with a diabetic sock that keeps the feet warm, dry and comfortable. Others with neuropathy will want seamless socks that do not rub against the skin and would not restrict circulation.

Understand Your Diabetic Needs

You have options when it comes to diabetic socks for men, so start by understanding your diabetic condition so that you can select a pair of socks that meet your unique needs.

Importantly to, is to match your socks to your shoes. Good diabetic socks will do little good if you have to stuff your feet and padded socks into shoes that have become too tight.

Take Steps to Prevent Diabetes Shocks

Apart from wearing good diabetic socks for men, other things to help prevent diabetes in the first place are to stop smoking, eat less and also eat right, control your weight and most importantly get moving.

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