It is embedded in a human’s nature to defend itself from external threats, be it coming from anywhere. Because of the cyber vulnerabilities, we need a strong security system.

In the online world, where everyone is linked by this giant spider web called the internet, each and every stakeholder is highly vulnerable be it the U.S. Department of Defense, or 50-year-old Nancy scrolling through her Facebook this morning.

To combat such cyber vulnerabilities, advancements in technology have led to countermeasures such as VPN and other cybersecurity measures.

Stressing The Importance Of Cyber Security

cybersecurity tips

It is widely regarded that information theft is the most rapidly growing form of cybercrime because of cyber vulnerabilities. Other than this, whole industry infrastructures that manage power grids and energy distribution can be brought to a halt. Cyber attacks can also twist data as well, in order to compromise the integrity and breed mistrust amongst employees of various organizations.

After seeing how cyber attacks have recently brought businesses to a halt, one would realize that neither an individual nor a billion-dollar corporation is safe from this menace. Cybercriminals are increasingly becoming more powerful, incorporating dynamism in their operations by changing their practices, targets, and strategies by the day.

It is obvious that our enemies, the cybercriminals, are extremely powerful. We have to stop their façade by preparing ourselves. There are few ways to go about this.

  • We need to give more emphasis towards educating ourselves since the human error was the major cause of cyber attacks at 90% during 2019.
  • Protect your personal data by investing in tools such as firewalls and data loss prevention (DLP). Moreover, keep an eye on your third-party risk and fourth-party vendor risk. Data leaks should be minimized at all costs because they lure in hackers. You can prevent data leaks by scanning for cyber Vulnerabilities through tools and easily accessible software such as antivirus.
  • Many people open and click on links in random emails which can lead to downloading ransomware making your system vulnerable to hackers. Do not trust random emails sent to you.

Combat Cyber Vulnerabilities With VPN


In today’s world, VPN (virtual private network) is one of the most popular and widely used forms of cybersecurity because of its easy accessibility and variety present for the consumer.

How Does A VPN Work?

A VPN masks your IP address by allowing the network to redirect and reconfigure it towards a specially programmed host server run by your VPN host. In simpler words, a VPN allows you to browse and surf the internet, send or receive any data without the possibility of other third parties and your internet service provider detecting you.

Here’s Why You Should Use A VPN

Use a VPN

A VPN service is readily available and should be used by everyone because of its benefits of keeping you safe online.

  1. Encryption of IP address; no one can spy on you.
  2. Encryption of protocols; prevents you from leaving traces in the form of internet history.
  3. Two Factor Authentication; VPN also checks your login activity.
  4. Disguising your whereabouts: VPNs act as proxies. Due to the demographic region data coming from another country, your location would always remain hidden.
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