Coconut oil for eyelashes; good or bad? The answer is it is definitely good as coconut oil has become one of the essential beauty and health products because of its proven natural benefits.

Coconut oil helps moisturize skin, including its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. With these benefits, you can have extended eyelashes and other skin care protection.

However, coconut oil is a natural treatment for eyelashes to keep them healthy and strong. This oil also can be collaborated with cosmetics to get more out of it.

So, if you ask whether coconut oil for eyelashes is good or bad, it is easy to say that oil is good for your eyelashes. Let’s talk about this in detail-

Is Coconut Oil Good For Eyelashes?

Coconut Oil For Eyelashes

Using coconut oil around the eyes is safe, according to Human and animal studies and trusted sources. Especially, virgin coconut oil is greatly beneficial for eyelashes.

Besides, coconut oil is good for eyelashes and safe for delicate areas around the eyes. In addition, you will find some essential benefits like perfect lashes, bacteria protection, and other skin care by applying coconut oil regularly.

So, you can say this oil is good without hesitation if anyone asks, β€œis coconut oil good for eyelashes?”

Here are some benefits of using coconut oil for eyelashes:-

You Will Get Perfect Lashes


It’s proven that coconut oil can prevent hair damage. In addition, it protects the hair from the side effects of hair-washing products. So, though it may work according to hair condition, it ensures several hair benefits.

And that theory can also apply to eyelashes since coconut oil comes with fatty and lauric acid. As a result, hair shafts can absorb the oil very quickly.

For this reason, coconut oil provides better and stronger eyelashes by protecting them from microbial bacteria.

Accordingly, applying coconut oil to the hair after or before washing can help reduce the protein loss from the hair so that the hair fall can be stopped.

And this technique also can be applied to the eyelashes, which protects eyelashes from damage.

Also, while removing makeup or washing the face, coconut oil helps to prevent the eyelashes fall. There can be an end to the debt of,’ Coconut oil for eyelashes- good or bad, but you need to know some more benefits. Such as the bacteria protection of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil For Eyelashes Gives Bacteria Protection

Bacteria can cause eyelash falls and itchy situations around the eyes. Because these bacteria can not be seen in the standard view, most of the time, the eyelashes get damaged, which causes the eyelash to fall.

The microbial organism is naturally present in the eyelashes of every human being. This microbial organism can potentially cause fungal and bacterial infections in the eyelashes.

And this infection can be prevented by Medium chain fatty acid, which is available in coconut oil.

For this medium-chain fatty acid, coconut oil contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties, protecting eyelashes from many infections.

Besides, coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which gives a good amount of medium-chain fatty acid through its antibacterial activity.

Coconut oil also may protect the skin of eyelashes from infections like folliculitis.

For people who wear mascara, coconut oil can be beneficial for them because the microbes in the eyelashes have the potential to contaminate the mascara.

According to research, using the same tube of mascara on the eyelashes can be a cause of microbial growth at 36,4 percent. So using coconut oil on the eyelashes, you will get protection from those bacteria.

These advantages can be the proper answer to questions like,’ is coconut oil suitable for eyelashes?

Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth

Moisturizing the eyelashes and preventing protein loss from eyelashes help to extend eyelashes. And these benefits are available in coconut oil.

Hence, you can apply coconut oil for eyelash growth if you want thick and fuller lashes.

Moreover, when using mascara or other cosmetics products, you may face some problems with the lashes, which also may hamper eyelash growth. So, you can depend on coconut oil for eyelash growth which is naturally essential.

How To Apply Coconut Oil On The Eyelashes?

Coconut Oil For Eyelashes

You can use coconut oil in a couple of ways on your eyelashes. You can apply virgin coconut oil directly into the eyelashes or use eyelash serum.

Well, eyelash serum is available at both online and physical cosmetics shops.

This serum is also available with different ingredients, such as castor oil, mineral oils, or essential oil. In addition, the serum helps apply coconut oil to the eyelashes without any mess.

But the serum is a bit pricey and not hundred percent natural. So, you should check the brand and quality before buying the serum.

On the other hand, virgin coconut oil is available at health stores and shops. Most of them are hundred percent natural.

However, you can apply the oil with a clean finger, mascara wand, or eyelash brush. Here you can quickly figure out the thought’ coconut oil for eyelashes-good or bad.

How To Apply Coconut Oil Using Your Hands?

  • First, wash your hand properly
  • Take some oil using the index finger
  • Rub the coconut oil between the finger
  • Close the eye and apply the coconut oil gently along the lash line.

Apply With A Mascara Wand Or Eyelash Brush

using Mascara Wand

  • Dip the brush into the container of coconut oil
  • Apply to the lashes carefully
  • Apply to both the up and downside of the eyelashes
  • Use cotton swabs to remove excess coconut oil from the skin and lashes.

Safety Measures And Aftereffects

Coconut oil is naturally good for both skin and eyelashes. But it has a few side effects, too, though they are minor and hardly noticeable.

When it Comes to side effects of coconut oil, then the first effect is allergy. If you are using a hundred percent virgin coconut oil, you don’t need to worry but have to be careful as the oil can get in the eye.

Moreover, the allergy can be pretty irritating. In this situation, use a clean washcloth to remove excess oil from the eye and gently clean the eye. After all, this side effect is scarce.

So, if you are thinking again about “coconut oil for eyelashes -good or bad, then it is logical, but indeed coconut oil is good for eyelashes.

Final Words

At the present market, you can find many oils for eyelashes, which are inorganic, expensive, and contain chemicals. And this inorganic oil may not be compatible with your hair.

But, if you are using organic virgin coconut oil, it is safe and inexpensive compared to inorganic ones. Hopefully, by now, you get a clear answer about “is coconut oil good for eyelashes” and the benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes.

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