Nowadays, more than twenty percent of people with braces are adults. Although braces patients were usually children in the past, that’s changing thanks to innovative teeth-straightening therapies, such as clear aligners.

Are you thinking about getting clear aligners to achieve a healthier smile? If so, you may wonder how the clear aligners advertised online are different from Invisalign braces.

Although they look quite similar, there are some significant differences. So keep reading as we compare clear aligner vs Invisalign!

Differences Between Clear Aligner vs Invisalign

Choosing the Best Invisalign Doctor

Invisalign is the original clear aligner brand, and most people consider it the best. Mostly, this is due to its long history of straightening teeth and the advanced technology that the company uses to make products. Thus, it’s not surprising that there are differences between this brand and other invisible braces.

Dentist-Guided Treatment

Unlike clear aligner companies that allow you to complete your treatment without seeing a dentist, Invisalign is a dentist-guided treatment. Before you get your aligners, your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure they are healthy and complete scans and x-rays of your teeth.

And, periodically, you’ll need to visit the dentist during your treatment to make sure everything is going well with your braces.

Moreover, before dentists can even offer Invisalign in their practice, they need to complete a certification process to demonstrate their understanding of the invisible aligner process.


Usually, your dentist will include extras in the cost of Invisalign, such as:

  • Cleanings
  • Check-ups
  • Teeth whitening
  • Retainers

Other brands, especially DIY aligners, don’t always include these perks. So, you’ll want to consider this when comparing quotes for clear braces.


Of course, as an Invisalign patient, you can expect to pay more for your braces. This is partly because of how often you’ll see the dentist and all the services they provide during your treatment.

However, in some cases, the price difference isn’t much, so it’s a good idea to get a quote for both Invisalign and another clear aligner brand if the price is your only concern.

A Note on Other Clear Aligners

A Note on Other Clear Aligners

Many brands sell clear aligners these days, and many are comparable with Invisalign braces. If your dentist offers a clear aligner therapy using a brand other than Invisalign, it may be a great way to save money and straighten your teeth safely!

However, there are also DIY aligners, which allow you to straighten your teeth without visiting the dentist.

While it’s tempting to skip dentist appointments, it’s not safe to move your teeth without their expertise. And, even though you may pay less, your final results will likely be disappointing. So, do your teeth a favor and skip DIY clear braces!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist!

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Invisalign and other clear aligner therapies are a safe and discreet way to move your teeth. But, no matter which brand you choose, be sure to work along with a trained professional for the best braces results!

So, schedule a consultation with your dentist to learn more about clear aligner vs Invisalign! And, if you would like to know more tips for improving your smile and oral health, check out more of our dental posts!

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