Your shower is the one place in your home that should be all about you.

It can help you start your work week feeling completely rejuvenated. This little oasis offers relief after a hard day at work. Your shower isn’t there just to keep you clean, it should also keep you comforted.

Think you don’t have the money to turn your shower into the mini-spa of your dreams?

Actually, you can revolutionize your shower on the cheap. With a few small tweaks, you can change your entire bathing experience into one of luxury.

You can give your bathroom a DIY makeover with just a few shower accessories!

By investing in just some new, inventive accessories and gadgets, you can turn your shower into your at home spa overnight. Read on to check out 10 of the best options.

1. Vitamin C Shower Head

This Vitamin C shower head does it all. It’s a removable shower head that you can insert a victim C cartridge into. When the water sprays through a hose, you get all the benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin C promotes healthier skin and hair. It also works like aromatherapy, filling your shower with a fresh citrus scent. This can actually relieve stress and anxiety in your life!

Plus, you won’t feel guilty taking a longer, more luxurious shower. The shower head actually reduces water consumption by twenty-five percent.

2. Shower Speaker

In the shower your skin and hair are getting all the love, but what about your ears? To really get the full spa experience in your shower, you need to be able to listen to some relaxing tunes.

But, how do you get music playing without risking fatal electrocution?

You need a blue tooth waterproof shower speaker. These handy little devices can attach right to your shower wall and gives you hours of musical bliss.

The bluetooth capabilities mean that you don’t have to risk getting your smartphone wet. Nothing can ruin a day like dunking your smartphone in the tub. Before you get wet, pair your device and get your shower playlist rocking.

Check out the top shower speakers and see what is best for your budget and your musical taste. Whether you want to relax to some soothing new age instrumentals or rock out to some bangers, there’s a shower speaker for you.

3. Waterproof Notepad

If you have a hectic day, the shower is sometimes your only place to relax and let your mind wander. This is why many people find they come up with the best ideas in the shower. It’s the only time of day you don’t have to accomplish a million things at once.

Don’t let those great ideas run down the drain! A waterproof notepad can be attached to the shower wall. Water won’t affect the paper or the writing utensil.

You can jot any thought that comes into your head. This also can be a great way to plan your day and tackle a to-do list.

But, don’t work too hard. Your shower is your sanctuary!

4. Shaving Pedestal

Ladies know the worst part of showering is having to shave your legs. All the awkward bending and stretching wears you out. Installing a shaving pedestal will make it much easier and safer!

This is simply a step that can be placed in the corner of your shower. It will fully support the weight of your leg as you step up on it and shave. This is also perfect for applying moisturizer or tanning lotion to your legs.

Plus, it’s also super easy to mount. There’s no brackets or drilling, it easily secures in a ninety-degree corner and will last there for years! Take the back-breaking work out of shaving and get a pedestal for your shower.

5. Fogless Mirror

Guys, do you want to know how to get the perfect shave? It should be the last thing you do in the shower. That way, your pores are open and your stubble will be extra soft.

The only problem with shaving in the shower? It’s impossible to do it without a mirror and it’s impossible for a mirror not to fog in the shower.

How do you solve this annoying catch twenty-two? Get a fogless shower mirror!

Using a patented water chamber, you just need to add warm water and this mirror is guaranteed not to fog!

This swivel necked mirror makes shower shaving super easy. It mounts to the shower wall with a strong, water resistant, double-sided tape. But, even it does fall, the glass is shatterproof, so you’re never at risk of getting cut.

That is unless you nick your skin shaving, but that’s on you!

6. Washable, Quick-Drying Organizer Shower Caddy

A shower should not be stressful. If your shower is cluttered with soaps and sponges then it will be hard to relax in there. A shower caddy can help you organize all your shower needs.

With six separates pockets you’ll have enough space for bottles, soaps, razors, and exfoliators. Everything you need will be within an arm’s reach.

This shower caddy is also super easy to install. Simply hang it alongside your curtain or shower liner. Plus, it’s mesh fabric makes it quick-drying so it won’t collect mold.

7. Shower-Powered Dental Irrigator

Why not turn your shower into a full-service cleaner? This shower-powered dental irrigator lets you clean your mouth as you clean your body. Help prevent gingivitis, halitosis, and periodontal disease all in the comfort of your own shower.

Just attach the hose to the shower head. The water from your shower will go through the water pick and flush out all bacteria in your mouth.

Since you’re using the water power from your shower, there will be no annoying electric noise harshing your shower buzz.

Even though this dental irrigator is very affordable, it’s also very well made. No plastics used here, this device is made out of chrome plated brass. That means it will last as long as your healthy gums.

8. LED Color Changing Shower Head

It’s time to bring your shower into the twenty-first century. This LED light shower head will futuristically change the color of your water. Imagine showering under a rainbow of bright hues!

This is truly a unique and transportive experience. The best thing about this inventive device is that it’s ion led shower head is totally water powered. There’s no electric chord or difficult installation necessary.

Change the atmosphere in your entire bathroom with this two setting LED shower head. Whether it’s one monotone color or a rainbow cascade, you’ll feel good vibes washing over you.

Plus this is a great way to get kids excited about showering!

9. Wine Glass Holder

Wine and a shower are almost as good of a pairing as wine and cheese. What better way to unwind and enjoy some “me time” than sipping a warm Cabernet Sauvignon under the warm streams of your shower?

The only problem is where do you place your glass once you finish your sip?

This portable wine holder is what you need to rinse, sip, and repeat in your shower. Its strong suction hold will keep your glass safe and sturdy the whole shower long. You can also easily move it from one wall of the shower to the next to avoid any spray watering down your vino.

Not a wine drinker? No problem!

This holder can prop up any of your beverages of choice. Beer bottles and cans can also be held snuggly in its grasp. With its affordable price tag, you might as well get one for yourself and one for your best drinking pal.

10. Luxury Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

Perhaps the worst part of your day is when you actually have to exit the shower. Especially in the winter months when you have to go from blissful warmth to a dreadful chill as soon as you step past the curtain.

With this product, you’ll actually look forward to exiting the shower as much as you do getting into it.

A luxury towel warmer and drying rack works as a radiator for your towels. Now you can ensure towels will always be warm and ready for you.

This also helps dry your towels quickly and alleviates any threat of mold or mildew. Plus, it’s built-in thermostat helps conserve energy and illuminate any risk of fire. Give yourself a warm hug after your shower, you’ve earned it!

Get These Shower Accessories Today!

Need a great for someone or even for yourself? Everyone will enjoy one of these shower accessories. With a few affordable gadgets, anyone can have their own in-home spa.

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