Tackling a bathroom renovation can be exciting. After all, who doesn’t want a walk-in shower or a quick reprieve from everyday life?

After all, the bathroom doesn’t have to just be where you do the number one or two; instead, it can become your own glorious spa. But you only have one chance to get it right.

If you’re not sure how to attain the peaceful atmosphere you desire, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 heart-stopping spa bathroom ideas for your perusal.

Do you want to relax in the perfect atmosphere? We’ll show you how.

Our Top 10 Spa Bathroom Ideas

From old-world to the sleek and new, one of these designs is sure to inspire your upcoming remodel.

1. Victorian

If you prefer a lush, pampered feel, this design is for you.

Your first job is to declutter and include only elements that give a comfy, luxurious sensation. That means bring in a stool or elegant chair and move that grand dressing table to the bathroom wall. A basket or two with spa essentials won’t hurt, either.

For a Victorian look, you’ll want lots of white. Gold and silver borders and flora and fauna designs are effective, as well.

The great thing about this style is it can create a peaceful, elegant look without the modern-day technologies. Instead of a walk-in shower, a porcelain, claw-footed tub works well. Rather than a sink taking up an entire wall, you can use a pedestal sink.

You can even make your old floor look finished and prim with a thorough cleaning and something to bring out the white in your tile, like grout stain; this product is an easy choice to add a little life to an old floor.

2. Au Natural

If you’re a nature lover, don’t be shy about bringing the outside into your own personal washing room. Plants, browns and greens, bamboo and water can all work together to create the perfect in-home paradise.

If you’re planning to purchase a new bathtub, keep in mind that freestanding tubs are in. A copper one with a faucet overtop and river stones beneath immediately creates the illusion of being outside and frees up space, and wall designs with realistic landscapes can add to the wonder.

Consider a large bamboo mat with a basket of towels and a Dead Sea face mud pack on top for a full-on spa.

3. Hawaii

Say “aloha” to a flowery, warm atmosphere mixed with the look of a tropical island.

Use a stone bathtub, walk-in bath or jacuzzi to give the right first impression and have flowers sitting delicately on the side. Include large, tropical plants throughout the room and wood or bamboo cabinets to emphasize the island look.

4. Romantic

Are you the type who weeps when the girl finally gets her Prince Charming? (Don’t worry; we do, too.)

If so, the romantic spa may be right for you. The key elements here are dim lighting and rosy or natural colors. Include flowers and organic tones to complete the look.

Have petals for rose water near the tub for an inviting appearance, and don’t forget the candles!

And ladies? Use dark or black storage to enhance the warm tones and be sure to declutter.

This spa idea can be incorporated into just about any bathroom. Just clean up, add in an extra cabinet and apply stain!

5. Sleek

The sleek, cool look might initially make people cringe, but it doesn’t take much to turn it into a welcoming, in-home spa.

Storage space should be utilized to declutter as much as possible and a minimalist, simple style throughout is best. If you happen to have a granite countertop already in place, all the better.

Include a bathtub caddy and glass walk-in shower to add further efficiency, then create a relaxing atmosphere with spa essentials, a soothing fragrance, and a small fountain. If you want to forego the fountain, add some background water sounds.

6. Modern Glamour

Think whites and grays interlaced with tile or stone bits above sinks or in shower walls. This modern glamour spa should have plenty of light and textured spanish tiles to avoid only solid colors.

Sheer curtains, curvy backplates and glass jars with your salts add a lovely, serene touch.

All you need is that walk-in bathtub and you’ll have the most calming bathroom spa you can imagine.

7. Ocean Retreat

Easy to implement in any home and one of the most-loved designs, you can pretend your next to the ocean with this design.

Blues and whites are the color of choice here, and it’s completely up to you if you want an upbeat, playful look or a reserved, relaxing one.

Blue tile with that claw-footed porcelain tub or walk-in jacuzzi is excellent. Add seashells and sand for an authentic look and throw in a folding luggage rack next to the tub for your spa materials.

To complete the design, add an ocean wave projector with natural sounds to feel like you’re in Atlantis.

8. Small Paradises

You don’t have to renovate to create a small paradise. Scrub out your bathroom to make it shine (use grapefruit and kosher salt on your tub for an earth-friendly alternative) and swap out that old showerhead for a new one with multiple settings.

Increase storage space and take any items that aren’t used daily off the shelves. Add some candles and relaxing tunes, make your own caddy and throw in some chocolate nearby.

Hello, serenity.

9. Steam Rooms

Nothing says “spa” like a steam room.

Choose any design for the rest of the bathroom you desire (nature and sleek designs work well), and in your steam room, implement a large sitting area.

Multiple waterfall showerheads and extra jets will make you feel as if you’re near a misty waterfall. You can even set it up to play music or provide chromatherapy that turns the steam into relaxing, floating colors.

10. Old World

To get a taste of the old world, think rustic colors and earthy tones. Gray hues and wood are excellent for creating this atmosphere. Even better, vintage mirrors and reused materials work well, meaning you can purchase secondhand to add to the look.

Include an armoire with towels, oils, scrubs, and salts to create an antique atmosphere. Add candles complete with antique holders, and consider some lanterns for a quiet, peaceful spa.

Classy and Serene

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or looking for a single night getaway; these 10 spa bathroom ideas are sure to inspire your at-home retreat.

But before you give yourself over to the dulcet tones of your ocean sounds or bubbling fountains, consider some meditation. Not only does it reverse the aging process, but it also reduces stress, putting you in the perfect frame of mind for your spa. Learn more in our article!

Wherever you might live, serenity could only be a few rooms away.

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