Clairvoyance is a perceived psychic ability. Are you able to see different colors of light around people? Are you finding yourself moved by flowers, sculptures, and other objects? Than keep reading and get the clairvoyant definition from here.

If you notice glittering lights, colored dots, or floating shadows in the air, you should learn more clairvoyance information. Not only are some of these experiences proof that you are spiritually gifted, but hopefully you’ll be able to better explain it to others too!

Here are our clairvoyant definition and FAQs where we explain exactly what clairvoyance is and how it works.

Clairvoyant Definition in Details

Clairvoyance is a major psychic ability that translates as “clear seeing”. Having this kind of psychic ability allows you to hone in on your soul’s knowledge. It also helps you gather the collective knowledge that all souls within the universe possess.

You may be writing off daydreaming, wishful thinking, or your imagination for what’s clairvoyant definition. Clairvoyance 101 is being able to receive information intuitively through colors, visions, dreams, and other symbols. This “inner vision” can be subtle and mostly happen within your mind’s eye.

Five Proven Signs of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance information isn’t always easy to detect or interpret. Some people have extensive dreams and clear visions and some don’t.

Typically, it’s a lot more subtle than that and there are many clairvoyant people in the world who are unaware of their gifts.

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1. Flashes of Color

If you’re seeing glittering lights, colored dots, or floating shadows in the air, you could be clairvoyant.

Flashes of light are often a sign of the Higher Spirits, those in heaven, or anyone else apart of your spiritual team being around you. These messages are normally delivered with useful and valuable love.

2. Frequent Daydreaming

If you’re often in another world in your head, you could be experiencing clairvoyance. Visualization is a large part of clairvoyance.

It’s typically why they can envision themselves in other situations with ease.

3. Vivid Dreaming

If you find yourself often having very vivid dreams, you could be clairvoyant. These dreams are often bright with color and are uncannily close to reality.

These visions are signs that you have a story that can provide insight into what is happening in real life.

4. Visions of Things Moving Around You

If you can see things moving from the corner of your eyes, especially when you’re alone, you could be clairvoyant. There could be ‘earthbound’ entities or spirits, floating around your space.

These mental or emotional learning energies from deceased people are often picked up by the clairvoyant.

5. A Great Sense of Direction

If you consider yourself a human GPS, it could be your clairvoyance peaking. It’s an ability to see things that others cannot β€” even directions. Due to your strong visualization skills, traveling can feel extraordinarily easy for you.

Don’t doubt your abilities even when they feel or seem bizarre. As you learn how to practice using your abilities intentionally, they’ll become stronger.

Meditate often and allow your mind to develop visions that are coming naturally to you the clairvoyant definition.

Dealing with Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is your ability to see past the traditional senses. It can be a talent or even a superpower in a sense. You’re able to see beyond what others believe is the reality and can guide others towards their clairvoyant definition as well. You can master these gifts with intentions and patience.

The more you learn how to open yourself up to your clairvoyance, the easier it will be for you to channel it! You’ll strengthen your intuition and inner voice over time as well. Speak with one of our psychics today and get more insights on life as a clairvoyant being.

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