It’s finally happening – you’re going on a vacation to Italy. Congratulations!

Italy is one of the world’s most popular travel spots, and there’s plenty of reason why. The country is filled with historic sites to visit, the food and drink are unbelievably delicious, the weather is beautiful, and the natural scenery is to die for.

However, there’s one problem – there’s so much to see and do! So much so that it’s almost impossible to see everything you’d like to in one trip.

That’s why planning your vacation to Italy carefully is so important, so you can make the most out of your holiday to see the parts of this wonderful country that interest you the most.

That’s where we come in to help. Planning an overseas trip can be daunting, but with our travel tips, you can plan your vacation to Italy with ease. Read on for our advice!

What to See and Where to Go

One of the first parts of planning your Italy vacation is deciding what you want to see and where you’d like to go.

With so many places to visit in Italy, you’ll need to narrow down your options.

To make it a little less overwhelming, you might want to consider hitting some of the most popular locations first such as Rome, Florence, and Venice.

These three cities are some of the top destinations in Italy, and there you’ll find many fascinating attractions to visit in each city. The crumbling ancient ruins of Rome, the striking Renaissance art in Florence, and the romantic waterways of Venice are all highlights on anyone’s trip to Italy and shouldn’t be missed.

You’ll find that in the larger cities especially there are plenty of tours to take should you prefer more guidance on your trip. For example, in Rome, it’s worth taking one of the Vatican tours available to make the most of your visit.

If you have more time to play with, you can consider hitting other destinations in Italy that are less touristy but just as wonderful to visit.

The beautiful Southern islands of Sicily, Capri, and Sardinia are perfect for the beach lover, or for charming towns and sublime wine, head to the countryside in Tuscany.

Whatever your interests, there will be a spot in Italy that you’ll love.

When to Go

When planning your trip to Italy, you’ll also need to consider the time of year to visit. There are pros and cons of visiting during each season, so it depends on what’s most important to you.

Summer is the busiest time of the year for visitors to Italy and you can expect the larger cities to be very crowded. Sightseeing in cities may be tiring too because it will be so hot.

However, while you’ll have to deal with heavy crowds, you’ll also reap the benefits of visiting in the summer: beautiful sunshine, warm beaches, and summer festivals.

Spring is a good option too because you’ll still get sunny days except the weather will be slightly cooler. That means there are fewer crowds and the prices are lower than the summer season.

Autumn is an off-season, yet many visitors still enjoy visiting during these cooler months. You don’t have to suffer from the extreme heat of the summer, so exploring cities is a lot more comfortable. Plus, the fall colors are simply beautiful! You’ll save money on cheaper rates, too.

If you’re interested in snow sports, then of course visiting during winter is best for you. Skiing in the mountains is popular with tourists where you can admire the sublime beauty of Italy up high.

The cities are a lot less busy during the wintertime too, and you can expect to grab some heavy season discounts! It’s important to note that some places do close for the season though, so remember to do your research.

Getting Around

Getting to a specific destination on your Italy trip is easy as most of the major cities have an international airport that you can fly into.

Once you’ve arrived in Italy, it’s worth using public transportation to get around. Italy has a fantastic transport system, and the train network is very reliable and affordable. Not only will the trains transport you from city to city in good time, but you’ll also get to enjoy the picturesque views of the country on your journey.

You can always rent a car during your stay if you prefer. If you do choose this route, remember to brush up on tips for driving around Italy!

What You Need to Know Before You Go

For your vacation in Italy, there are a few things you should know before you get on a plane.

For example, Italy uses the same 220 wall sockets as most of Europe, which is different to what we use in the U.S. So, you’ll need to make sure you have some power adapters with you to avoid running out of battery on your devices!

When it comes to money, although you can use credit and debit cards in many Italian businesses, it’s worth having some cash on you just in case. Withdraw some Euros ahead of your trip, so you’re prepared.

Ready for Your Vacation to Italy?

With our travel tips and advice, we hope you feel confident in planning your vacation to Italy.

Remember that while you’d probably like to see everything, rushing from destination to destination only piles on the stress and takes away from your experience. And that’s certainly not what you want on vacation!

Choose the spots in Italy you’d like to see so you can make the most of each destination. Plus now you have an excuse to return!

Did you enjoy this article? For more travel tips, feel free to browse the rest of our website!

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