The News Service of Florida is reporting that Christian voters — a large voting bloc that had backed Bill McCollum until the Republican primary — will likely support Rick Scott in the race for the state’s governor. The increase in support could sway the election in Scott’s favor.

The Christian Coalition of Florida plans to pass out 3 million voter guides to conservative churches on Sun., Oct. 17, the day before early voting begins. The guide will cover issues such as abortion, gay adoption and private school vouchers and will likely encourage church-goers to vote for Scott:

“It’s not ardent support at all for Scott,” said Rev. David Swanson, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. “I think among many conservatives there remains some real concerns about his integrity. But it comes down to a choice that may be the lesser of two evils.”

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising,” Sink spokeswoman Kyra Jennings said of Scott’s rising support among religious conservatives. “They seem to be putting partisan politics above ethics and integrity. We remember the issues that were brought up in the primary.”

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