Did you know that 1 million Americans live in their RVs? Whether you want to make the RV life more permanent or just want a nice vacation, RVs are a popular way to get around in the states.

One of the most comfortable ways to experience the great outdoors is in an RV. You can be outdoorsy as much as you’d like, but still have your comforts inside of the rig.

If you’re planning on going on a big RV trip soon, you need to begin by choosing an RV park that will be the best fit for you and the type of trip you want to have.

Keep reading to learn 4 of the most important factors to consider when choosing an RV park.

1. Know Your RV Limits

Know Your RV Limits

The first thing to consider is whether the RV park has pull-through spots or back-in spots. If you’ve never had to go to a back-in spot before and don’t feel comfortable doing it, only look for RV park options that have pull-through or head-in park spots!

Similarly, if


you want to make sure that you have plenty of space, always check the measurements of your camper or RV versus the measurements of the spot. You want to know without a doubt that space is wide enough to accommodate your RV, but also slide-outs or any vehicles that you might be towing.

Your space should be long enough for your RV without any issues; otherwise, you’re going to end up being really disappointed when you get there.

2. Look Out for Feature Preferences

Look Out for Feature Preferences

You will want to make sure that any of the RV park amenities that you need are available at the park you’re considering. This could be a wide variety of things, but if you need a spot with power connections, accessible playground areas, or Wi-Fi, you’re going to need to do some research first. Every park is going to be a little different.

If you’re planning to go camping with friends in your RV, be sure to ask them what they need as well. For instance, if a friend wants to bring their dog, you need to search for some pet-friendly RV parks so that there won’t be an issue.

Finding an RV park with all of the features you need will help you be more relaxed and comfortable on your trip.

3. Find Out What’s in the Area

Find Out What's in the Area

If you’re the type of traveler that likes to explore the local towns rather than just stay at the RV park, you need to make sure that you’re looking at RV parks within accessible distance to those towns. Otherwise, you’re going to spend so much extra time driving around and not enjoying your vacation.

You can click here for an example of a website that offers plenty of information on the surrounding area and what’s available for people traveling in from out of town.

4. Stay Within Your Budget

Stay Within Your Budget

Before you do anything else, you need to create an RV trip budget for yourself and stick to it. Some RV parks with a lot of amenities may cost a little more. In addition to that, if you’re going to a very desirable area or a place with fewer spots, they may charge additional costs.

You also want to factor in the cost of food, drinks, sightseeing, emergencies, and anything else you may need.

Choosing an RV Park Is Simple

As you can see, choosing an RV park is all about staying within your budget, finding the amenities that you need, and making sure your RV will actually fit. Other than that, it’ll be all about your personal preferences!

Time to start researching for the perfect RV park and planning your next trip out of town!

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