Are you in the market for a residential disinfection service? If so, you aren’t alone.

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more Americans are trusting their health and safety to professional cleaners – rather than tackling the job themselves. And, for a good reason! The CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your home are rigorous, and failure to follow them could put you at risk.

So, why chance it? Keep reading for top considerations to keep in mind, and pro tips for finding the ideal residential disinfection service expert to help keep your home safe and clean.

Residential Disinfection Experience

Residential Disinfection Experience

Thanks to the recent surge in popularity, hundreds of new cleaning companies are springing up all over the country. And, if you’ve been comparing disinfecting fees, it might feel tempting to go with a less-established or more competitively priced company. But is it really worth it?

While most companies will use the same residential disinfection tools and chemicals, there will likely be a major difference when it comes to service. Consider the fact that improper cleaning could risk the health and safety of you or a loved one. And, it’s unwise to let any stranger off the street into your home.

If possible, hire a residential disinfection service company that has been serving your community since before the pandemic started.

References and Reviews

Want to know what to expect from a residential disinfection company? Just read a few of their references and reviews. These days, it’s impossible to escape a bad reputation online, and unhappy clients are highly likely to speak up.

You can also ask for written testimonials from past clients. Any well-established and worthwhile company will be happy to share these with you! And, in many cases, will have them proudly posted on their website.

If you’ve read tons of online reviews and you still aren’t sure whether a cleaning company is right for you, try to schedule an in-person interview. Most reputable businesses will be happy to send someone to your home, usually at no cost to you.

License and Insurance

License and Insurance

Before making a final hiring decision, you should verify that your residential disinfection service company of choice carries all the proper licenses and insurance for where you live. You may also prefer to opt for a company that is bonded – this means that there is money set aside specifically in case of a claim filed against the company.

You should also look for affiliation with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Their high standards can serve to keep the scammers and fly by night operators out, giving you peace of mind before allowing strangers into your home.

Finding the Ideal Residential Disinfection Service

Finding the Ideal Residential Disinfection Service

Armed with this guide to choosing the right residential disinfection service, you’re ready to make a hiring decision. That’s great news! Reading this article might be the first step you take toward a safer, cleaner home for you and your loved ones.

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