Do you feel like your work wardrobe is making the wrong kind of impression?

Have you recently landed job at your dream company, and want to be sure that you’re dressed professionally?

Looking for a way to balance your personal style with a professional dress code?

If so, then you need to read this post.

In it, we’ll tell you how to find work appropriate clothes that will still allow the stylish “you” to shine through.

Get ready to upgrade your wardrobe — and, by extension, your career path.

1. Invest in A Few Key Pieces

The secret to knowing how to dress for work?

Making sure that you invest in a few high-end staple pieces that you’ll have for years to come and that you can mix and match with anything in your closet.

For women, this includes a pair of black pants, a blazer, and a crisp white button-down. A pair of black power pumps will also help you to feel ready to command any boardroom.

For men, the staples of being dressed professionally include a designer tie, a killer suit in a neutral color like slate grey or navy blue, and a pair of brogues. Of course, adding a Lapco shirt to the mix — especially if you work in an industrial environment — is also a must.

2. Get the Right Fit

Another essential part of finding work appropriate clothes that will still leave you feeling sleek and stylish?

Focus on getting the right fit.

For ladies, this means avoiding clothing that’s overly form-fitting. While your yoga body is certainly worth showing off, you want people to focus on your pitch — not your backside.

For gentlemen, this means booking an appointment with a tailor ASAP.

Few things are less professional than pants that are too long, a shirt that’s too baggy, or sleeves that reach well past your wrist.

3. Accessorize with a Bag or Briefcase

You’ve heard of the power suit, but have you invested in a power bag as a part of your professional dress code?

An elegant briefcase in a mahogany or chestnut color will have you looking organized, elegant, and like someone in charge. The same goes if you choose to sport a designer handbag emblazoned with logos.

For many, having the income to buy expensive designer items is a symbol of success. Show that you’ve worked hard to create a fabulous lifestyle for yourself — and that you’ll do the same for your clients.

Need More Advice on Finding Work Appropriate Clothes?

From making sure you have the right fit to picking accessories that will cause any room to snap to attention when you enter it, we hope that this post has helped you to learn more about how to find work appropriate clothes.

Looking for more advice on how to excel in the workplace, strengthen your relationship with your coworkers, and land the promotion you’ve always wanted?

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