Skirts are wardrobe essentials that can really do it all!

A skirt can be worn for a casual weekend or dressed up for a formal night out. Right skirts are comfortable and practical making them the perfect everyday staple. But the best part of wearing a skirt is that it can help you flaunt the favorite parts of your body while hiding any trouble areas you may be worried about!

The first rule of confidence is learning to love your body, but that doesn’t mean you can wear the right clothing to give your confidence a head start. The right skirt will help you embrace the body type you have and celebrate all your favorite features!

Before you go shopping for a new skirt it’s important to know your body shape and what you’d like to show off. Check out our tips below on how to shop for the perfect skirt that will help you feel confident and show off your assets!

Choose the right length

Choose the right length

Skirts come in a variety of sizes with some being more casual than others. Here are the 4 most common types.

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  • Miniskirt

A miniskirt falls just a few inches short of your knees. When choosing a miniskirt, it’s important to choose a length that doesn’t fall on the thickest part of your thigh. Don’t forget to think about the occasion as well since miniskirts tend to be quite casual.

  • At the knee skirt

An at the knee skirt looks great on almost every body type as it accentuates and creates a small waist and great hip proportions. This length of the skirt will work for almost every type of event but remember it might be a bit too conservative for a night out.

  • Midi-skirt

A midi-skirt is a lengthy skirt that reaches mid-calf for most women. It’s a flattering style but shorter women need to be careful as this style can “shorten” the appearance of your legs.

  • Maxi skirt

A maxi skirt is a long skirt that covers the entire leg and graces the floor. This look is flattering on most women, especially if they are tall, but shorter women may want to choose a style that shows some leg to add length.

Choose the right skirt based on your body type

Choose the right skirt based on your body type

There’s a flattering skirt style out there for every body type! It’s all about knowing your proportions and choosing a silhouette that flatters your figure.

  • Athletic or rectangle shape

Show off your legs in a mini or knee length skirt. Adding volume to the skirt will also help balance out wider shoulders and give the impression of a pear shape.

Pear-shaped or triangle shaped

To draw attention to your tiny waist and away from your hips, choose an A-line skirt. This way all the attention will be drawn to your small waist while the flowing hemline of the skirt will conceal your hips.

Full-waisted or apple shaped

Full-waisted women should avoid skirts that cinch too much at the waist and choose styles that emphasize the lower body instead. Pleats are a good choice but the pleats should start below the waist line. Avoid baggy clothing and show off that figure instead!

Full-waisted or apple shaped

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