With an estimated 2.5 million weddings taking place in 2022, we’re in the biggest wedding boom since 1986. If you’re one of those lucky brides, you’re looking forward to the best day of your life. But there’s one piece of wedding planning you may not have settled on yet.

Transportation! It’s time to start thinking about wedding transport.

How do you plan to get you and your bridal party to the wedding, the reception, and back to the hotel? You may even want to provide a shuttle wedding transport service for your guests between the reception and the hotel.

There are a few ways to choose the best transport for you, and it all comes down to your priorities. Do you need something large? Something reliable all night? Or something stylish and memorable?

Let’s look at some of the types of transport you could use on your wedding day.

Wedding Party Transportation

Wedding Party Transportation

There’s one group of people that you’re most expected to provide transportation for. You and your wedding party are the stars of the show, and it’s imperative that you get everyone there on time.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to get a transport method that can bring your wedding party from the preparations to the ceremony, to a photography location, and to the reception.

You may want to include two of these options so that the newlyweds can ride to at least one spot in privacy.

Stretch Limo

This is one of the most classic options available. They fit about 12 to 14 people, so you can comfortably fit your wedding party for a small private party pre and post-ceremony. It’s an elegant choice as well as a smart one.

Party Bus

Do you have a bigger wedding party, and are you all about the big celebration? A party bus is a great choice for a wild and fun group of friends who are ready t start partying on your wedding day!


Trolleys are becoming more and more popular as they mix the convenient size of a limo or small bus with the aesthetic of something a little more quirky. Don’t worry about trolley tracks. Wedding trolleys are refurbished to drive like any other bus or car.

Horse and Carriage

For ultimate princess feels on your wedding day, opt for a horse and carriage for at least one of the transportation moments of the day. You’ll need to provide other transportation for your wedding party, but the magical moment with your boo will be worth it.

Wedding Transport for Guests

Wedding Transport for Guests

Providing transportation for guests isn’t required, but it is a nice gesture. You should especially consider it if you have older or physically disabled guests. The most common use of guest transportation is between the reception and the hotel.

Hotel Shuttle

Some hotels offer shuttles as part of their wedding packages. This takes the guesswork out for you, and you can know that there’s an option running guests to and from the hotel all night long.

Van Rental

A hotel shuttle might not be big enough. Or maybe your hotel doesn’t offer it. Have no fear! An event transportation service can help you choose the right sized vehicle and make a plan for the big day so that everyone gets where they need to go.

Planning Your Wedding Wheels

Planning Your Wedding Wheels

Now you know some of the most convenient and stylish wedding transport options. Make sure you find a vehicle the right size that matches the mood and aesthetic of your wedding and think of your guests’ comfort.

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