A standing desk balance board can help you maintain or even improve certain aspects of fitness while you are working. Yet if you don’t know much about balance boards, you might not know how to find the right one for you.

Thankfully, with a little bit of help, it’s not too hard to figure out which balance board will meet your needs.

In fact, keep reading and you’ll learn exactly what you need to consider when buying your first balance board. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know so much about buying balance boards that other people will be asking you for advice on the matter.

Let’s begin!

The Different Kinds of Balance Boards

You might be surprised to know that there isn’t just one type of balance board. Some are better suited to ‘desk work’ than others. Others can be used outside of the work environment, providing you with a chance to do some balance training.

You may need to experiment to find the one that is going to be right for you.

One type of balance board you can invest in is a ‘rocker board.’

A rocker board is essentially a plank of wood that is held up by two semicircles on each end. These semi circles allow for the balancing feature of the board.

There is also the option of a ‘wobble board.’

This kind of board resembles a circular shape. It has a sphere in the middle which allows for the balancing element of this board. This board can be a bit trickier to balance. But it’s small profile does make it useful for spaces that aren’t too large.

A wobble board can also be used for various forms of personal fitness. This means that this item isn’t limited to use at a desk. You could even use it after work to help you with issues associated with back pain, for instance.

There are also purpose-built, ‘stand up desk balance boards.’

As the name suggests, this board is designed to be used specifically at a standing desk or varidesk style desk riser. This makes it a good option for someone looking specifically for an office balance board.

One of the great things about this board is that it is not too hard to balance on it. This makes it easy to focus on your work, whilst you are using such a board.

Because these boards are designed for an office, they also tend to be more visually appealing. You will tend to find that there are a number of designs on offer when you are shopping around for this kind of board.

The Significance of Size

Size plays a big factor when you are buying a balance board that is to be used at a standing desk.

Firstly, size is important because it impacts how easy it is going to be to use the board. Generally, you will find that the larger boards are a lot easier to use than some of the smaller ones.

That is because the larger boards will be a lot less sensitive to changes in movement. As mentioned, this reduced sensitivity makes it easier for you to focus on your work.

In regards to ease of use, you will need to test out different board sizes for yourself. It is hard to say, without trying, which board is going to be right for you. You may find that you are better suited to some of the smaller boards because you have particularly good balancing skills.

Size also plays a big factor, in relation to the size of your working environment. If you are working in a small office, you might not be able to invest in large balance board. Such a board might cause more trouble than it is worth.

You may find that other people may potentially trip over the board when it is not in use. If you are going to buy a large board, therefore, think about how you can maintain safety levels. You need to think about this, even if you are working in a large office or if you are working from home.

Use Reviews to Help You Find the Right Board

If you are stuck between several different kinds of standing desk balance boards, you might want to read some online reviews.

There are a few ways you can go about this. One option is to visit websites that are dedicated to office equipment/fitness. You will find that these websites will have in depths reviews, based on the various balance board models on offer.

These reviews can provide a lot of insight into the pros and cons of each model.

You can also visit some of the ecommerce stores that sell some of these balance boards. These stores will allow you to read the reviews of people that have bought the product in question. These reviews can, therefore, be seen as reliable.

In some instances, you might not be able to find any reviews of the product you are thinking about buying. That is okay. Just try to find a seller that provides you with a good returns policy.

If you can find a store like this, you will be able to return the product if it does not meet your needs. Of course, if you are going to take this approach, make sure you read the small print. Some stores will only offer returns if you do not open the product and use it.

Time to Buy a Standing Desk Balance Board?

A standing desk balance board can help you improve fitness levels whilst you are using a standing desk. But finding the right board for your needs is sometimes difficult.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at what you can do to find a standing desk balance board that is right for you. We’ve taken a look at the various balance boards on offer. We’ve also examined the importance of reading reviews.

You need to make sure you invest in a balance board that is the right size. If you do not do this, you will find your balance board to hard to use. You might even find that it represents a trip hazard for the other people working in your office.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your fitness levels? Check out our health and fitness section to see some of our latest content!

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