Working out for better health has the added bonus of helping you look better. Looking good at the gym should not be your priority, though. It’s hard to look cool or sexy with a bright red face and dripping with sweat.

When you are deciding what gym clothes to use for your workout, it’s better to aim for comfort over style. Gym clothes need to fit properly and allow you to move and also move with you.

What you wear to workout will also depend on what exercise you are doing. Different clothes will work better for different workouts. Let’s take a closer look at what to look for in gym clothes that will work for you.

Keep within your Budget

Buying the most expensive gym clothes will not make you go faster, regardless of what the ad told you. The top brand names certainly have their benefits, but you don’t need to pay top dollar for something you are going to sweat in.

Quality clothing doesn’t have to be the most expensive and will work just fine for all your workout needs. This is particularly important if you are just starting out. Good priced quality clothing will do you nicely.

Leave your love of fashion for the new clothes you get to wear when you are fitter and trimmer. It is better to get quality gym clothes that are comfortable and will last. Discover more about great clothes that work well with an active lifestyle.

Bottom First

Shoes are going to be the most important item of gym gear you can get. They provide protection and comfort. You want to find shoes that will fit perfectly with socks inside them.

Good shoes and socks will provide support for your feet and arches, prevent strains and injuries. Whether you are running, walking, lifting weights or tasking an aerobic type of class, good quality shoes are a must.

Getting an injury can take you out of your workout routine and may even cause you to stop going altogether. Find shoes that don’t pinch or rub and cause blisters.Good, thick cotton socks are a good investment, as well.


Most workouts cause us to sweat, therefore you want material that will breathe and absorb the moisture. Light cotton clothing can absorb the sweat and move with you, but heavier cotton will start to feel heavy if you sweat a lot.

Wicking fabrics, which are synthetic materials, are designed to pull the sweat away from your skin and absorb it. These are better for heavy exercises, like running, spin classes, or heavy aerobic exercise.

Lighter, breezy cotton is great for less strenuous activity, and it moves well with the body. It’s perfect for a run, yoga class or light weight lifting.

What’s Your Workout?

The type of gym clothes you use can be universal for each type of exercise, with a few exceptions. You want the comfort and protection plus sweat absorption at all times.

If you are running outside, you will want something more protective against the elements, trees, bug bites and any flying debris. Longer pant and long sleeves may be needed.

A yoga class you will want clothing that will allow you to get into all those great positions and move with you without exposing all your personal information. Leggings or yoga pants, or longer, form-fitting shorts are best.

Test Drive

Before you make your grand entrance to the gym for the first time, you want to make sure you and your gym clothes are on the same page. Give them a trial run at home first.

Do a few squats, stretches, leap about and make sure they don’t ride up, split or fall down. Also make sure that when you make the cool moves, they are now exposing certain areas of yourself you prefer to not be in the public eye.

Find Something You Like

Just because it’s not top of the line, top dollar or top of the ‘must-have’ list, doesn’t mean you have to settle. Finding gym clothes you like is just as important as the workout.

You want to feel comfortable but you should want to wear the clothing, as well. If you have clothes you don’t like you may be less happy about putting them on, and less likely to go workout in them

If you are just going for a morning run, something baggy and a torn old tee shirt is fine, but if you are going to the gym, wearing something you like can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Quality Control

Buying discount clothing doesn’t mean you have to give up on quality items. You want to find good workmanship, good quality materials and clothes that are built to last.

Read the labels, ask your fellow gym-goers or family and friends who will know and find some well-made, durable pieces to use for your workouts. The last thing you need is for your new clothing to fall apart after only a few workouts or washings.

Buy more than one

When you find a piece of gym clothing you like, buy another. It’s always a good idea to have a backup.

Having a few good quality items on hand means you have no excuse for not working out just because you didn’t do your laundry.

Ready, Set, Go!

Starting a new workout routine is always a great idea, so good for you! Having the proper clothing can make those workouts more enjoyable and more effective. Finding the right ones for you should be easy, fun and not cost you the moon.

Keeping you warm, or cool, keeping you safe and protected and they will motivate you. There will grow an association to the gym clothes and you will want to relive that great feeling of working out and the sense of accomplishment after you are done.

Exercise is an important part of a well-balanced life, along with diet, mental health, and an understanding of self. For more information on how to keep a good balance in your life, check out some of our articles.

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