Recent estimates suggest that 21.5 million Americans suffer from some type of substance abuse disorder. However, only 2.5 million (11%) get the addiction treatment they need.

There are many socioeconomic barriers to treatment, but for some people, the biggest thing standing between them and rehab is choosing the right program. Each inpatient drug rehab facility is different, and the program that’s perfect for one person may not work for another.

Want to know what factors to consider before entering rehab? Take the first step and read on for our quick guide to choosing a drug rehabilitation facility.

Where’s It Located?

Location is important in terms of accessibility—you’ll need to find affordable transportation to take you to rehab, especially if you can’t drive yourself. It’s also important in terms of scenery, though. While staying within an hour or two of your home is most convenient, going farther away could be a good way to clear your head of old habits.

Try looking up a list of best drug rehabs in your area to start with, and if you don’t find one that seems like a good fit, expand your search outward.

Can You Afford It?

In a perfect world, inpatient drug treatment would be free to all who need it. In America, though, finding a program you can afford should be at the top of your recovery list.

Health insurance may contribute to part of your medical treatment in the program. If you’re uninsured or your plan doesn’t cover rehab, contact the rehab center to get an estimate for treatment and see if you qualify for any payment plans.

How Long Is the Program?

Some rehab programs only last two weeks, while more intensive ones may last for six months to a year. Long-term programs have the best success rates, so if you’re able to make it work, the investment may be worth it.

Many people aren’t able to leave their jobs, families, and other responsibilities for months at a time, or they may not be able to afford the cost of long-term inpatient drug treatment. If you’re in this situation, try to find a short-term program that still offers support after your inpatient stay ends.

What’s the Treatment Philosophy?

Not all inpatient drug rehab facilities all operate under the traditional “12-step” ideology.

Some take a holistic approach toward healing, while others rely on medication for assistance. Some focus on recovery from one specific drug, while others still treat general addiction and substance abuse disorders. You may also need to choose between individual and group therapy, or choose a program that offers a mix of both.

There isn’t a single approach that’s better than the rest, but there will be one or two that you’re most compatible with.

Choosing an Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility Is the First Step Toward Recovery

When it comes to selecting an inpatient drug rehab facility, the worst thing you can do is let indecision keep you from getting help. Choose a few inpatient drug treatment centers near you and go through the items on this list to find one that’s the best fit.

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