Are you planning to move across the country in the near future?  Perhaps you just got a new job or found out you are being relocated by your current employer?  Making the move across the country can be an intense process on both your nerves and your brain.  Not to mention the physical aspect of it all. Below is a checklist of what you need to do before making your big move.

Movers and Shakers

First you’ll want to find and call the best cross country movers.  You should make this arrangement about two months before your scheduled moving date.  If you are using PODS you should allow yourself ample time to pack it or them sufficiently.


Around the same time you are booking the moving company, you’ll want to be sure all of your paperwork is in order.  We are talking titles, deeds, passports, birth certificates, social security cards, insurance policies, registrations, investment paperwork and anything else you may have that is extremely important and or necessary.  

Garage Sale

About a month and a half before your move it’s a great idea to have a garage sale.  This will help you rid yourself of unnecessary stuff which will lighten the load of your move in the process.  You’ll also garner yourself a little pocket money too.


This is also the time to get your expenses in order.  Is your job helping out with the move or are you footing the bill on your own?  Also, you should check with your tax preparer to find out which expenses you may be able to write off. 

Utilities and Other Bills

When your move is one month away you’ll want to start making the calls to your utility company, cable provider, credit cards shysters etc.  This will ensure you have electricity and power until the move out date and you’ll have it the day you get in your new home too. It will also make sure those other bills get to you on time.  

Service Your Car

Two weeks before you take your cross-country journey is a great time to have your car serviced.  A basic once-over of oil, tires, along with taking care of any minor problems the car may be experiencing also if you can.  

Change Your Address

Go to the post office or check online to fill out your change of address forms.


When you are one week away from moving day it’s a great time to drain any mechanical equipment that requires gasoline and or motor oil.


If you happen to have any memberships in your community this is a good time to cancel them.  Or perhaps you have a gym membership that allows you to transfer it to your new city of residence?  Get it done.

Final Touches

Within the last 3 days, you should put the final touches on any packing whether you are using PODS or a moving truck.    

Now it’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy the journey.

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