Nothing provides more luxury and relaxation than chartering your own boat. Yet with prices advertised in excess of $5000 per charter for some vessels, many assume this hobby is only for the rich.

But did you know you can get boats for much less than this?

If you have ever thought of taking to the water in your own boat, we can help. Read on as we discuss chartering a boat and why this is the best option for your next boating adventure.

1. Crewed or Bareboat?

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The first decision you need to make is if you will be going for crewed or bareboat chartering. Bareboat is the most common type of charter. It means that you work with a company to find a vessel, and you are responsible for sailing, stocking up, and captaining the boat yourself.

A crewed charter is recommended if you don’t have much experience, or want to relax instead of shouldering all the responsibility. A crew could consist of a single captain or a whole team to assist and serve you. As well as the technical expertise, you often get their experience and advice on the trip.

2. First and Last Minute Booking

Like any type of booking, if you are flexible, then you can snag some last-minute deals easily. Sign up to mailing lists and keep an eye on charter websites. If a cancellation comes up or bookings are low, you can often get deals with as much as 20% off.

3. Choosing a Boat

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Catarmaran’s and motor yachts tend to cost more when getting a boat. One other good piece of boat chartering advice is to opt for sailing over engine power if you have the experience. Speak to experts, such as the staff at Dolphin Boat Tours, to discuss your options.

4. Fishing Charters

Boat chartering for a fishing trip is slightly different from a recreational charter. Trips are often much shorter and different equipment is required. There are a few more boat chartering tips you should know.

Generally, all of your rods and bait will be provided along with any licenses. However, this is not a given so you should check with your charter. In addition, you should discuss what you want to catch beforehand, so the captain can consider certain areas and the current season.

5. Avoid the Beaten Path

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When plotting your course, most people will go straight to popular websites for advice. However, the places given are often filled with tourists and visitors. If you have hired a private charter, it is likely you are doing it for some privacy and relaxation.

The best place to get recommendations is from the captain and crew. They will know the best spots that are not filled with tourists. You may find your own little slice of paradise.

Chartering a Boat

Now you know the important factors when chartering a boat, start to pick your company. Get a location and set a budget. From here, you can begin to plan your trip of a lifetime.

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From sailing to sightseeing, we can help plan your next trip!

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