In his campaign for the U.S. Senate, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist continues to court Broward County Democrats.

The Miami Herald reported Wednesday that

since leaving the GOP, he has ramped up his schmoozing in the Democratic Jewish bastions in South Florida. In June, he visited Century Village in Deerfield Beach for a ceremonial bill signing where he greeted the mostly Jewish crowd with โ€œMazel Tovโ€ before playing up that his wife is from New York.

Crist plans to speak at the Jewish Center in Century Village Pembroke Pines in September, and his campaign has had discussions with Kings Point in Tamarac about visiting there, too, said Crist campaign consultant Eric Johnson. Both communities represent large contingents of loyal Democratic voters.

Cristโ€™s efforts in Broward have drawn in dollars and Democratically elected officials.

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