When it comes to Italy, good pizza and beautiful people aren’t the only things they’re known for. We’re talking Italian fashion.

Need some inspiration? The most followed Italian designers on Instagram are Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada, with a follower, which counts over 14 million.

Everyone has a fantasy of getting dolled up and having their pictures stolen by the paparazzi. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be dying to try out these new trends–and dust off your suitcase.

Milan Fashion Week is coming up this September and we are getting excited. While we can’t all book the first flight to Italy, regardless of how our passport begs us, we can strut our stuff in the hottest items seen in Italian fashion.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the hottest trends hitting Italy–and how to style them–so you can be your very own Monica Belluci. Line your lips and slip on your highest of heels, because it’s time to hit the runway, queen.

What’s Hot in Italian Fashion

If you want to channel your inner Italian fashion model, it’s best to start from the inside out. Every model’s #1 secret is to slip on your most important accessory: confidence. Without this, it will be hard to work any trend.

Need help with the confidence boost? Try wearing sexy lingerie or nice microfiber briefs; it can help transform your attitude.

If there’s one trend that’s always in, it’s lingerie. We love the brand Intimissimi, it’s like an Italian Victoria’s Secret.

Maybe others can’t see it but they’ll be able to sense your increased self-assurance. Once you’ve got the inside taken care of, you’re halfway there. Get ready to raid your closet, it’s time to dive into this summer’s Italian fashion trends.

Animal Prints

From their expressions to their hearts, Italians to it everything big and when it comes to statement pieces, it’s no different. If you’re looking to make a bold fashion choice, Italians love to wear animal print. in big pieces like a dress or skirt.

Of course, you can always start small. Experiment a little with some textured printed heels to dress up your LBD or even a leopard print scarf, inspired by Robert Cavalli.

Bold Outerwear

Italian summers can get chilly, so natives always carry a light jacket. If you’re going to be sporting one often, it might as well look good. Let’s see what’s trending.

For women, the hottest trend right now is a long, fitted trenchcoat. You get major points for being classy and practical.

For men, a tailored blazer is something in every Italian man’s wardrobe. Pair with some linen pants or jeans and instantaneously up your outfit game.

Pops of Color

As the old saying goes, kill two trends with one jacket by opting for a trench coat in a bright color.

This season Prada is boasting futuristic neons that have many fashionistas grabbing up every brightly colored accent piece of neon they can find. Italians are bold and daring, our professional option is to go all out and pick one big neon statement piece and own the trend.

What we love most about Italian fashion is how resourceful and reusable it is. By wearing items in a new way like pinning old brooches to our shoes, we make old trends new. For everyday styles in Italy, read on.

How to Dress Like an Italian

Maybe you’ve booked your trip to Italy and you’re looking to blend in. If you’re traveling to a fashion capital, you’ll want to look the part.

By 2020, the Italian fashion market should reach over 42 billion USD which basically means, you’re going to be out-dressed if you don’t step up your game. But not to worry, the whole point of traveling is to immerse yourself in the local culture. Let’s dive into how to dress in Italy and avoid those awkward stares.


Primavera in Italy literally translates to “the season of layering”, okay no it doesn’t really, it means Spring in Italy but can you see where we’re going with this? Spring in Italy is all about layering.

Time to pull out the scarves, and I’m not just looking at you ladies. Scarves are for gents too.

Both fashion-forward and practical, scarves are a secret weapon in the modeling agency Professionally Pretty. They can dress up an outfit, cover up unwanted cleavage and shoulders, hid dirty hair, and give you a layer of warmth.

Plus, they’re easily tucked into a bag or tied to a purse handle. Versatile, we told you!

Big Leather Bags

One of our go-to accessories for every season is a big bag, just because we carry so many essentials. Opting for a leather (faux leather is an even better option) bag is a timeless and chic statement to take anywhere from runway to real life.

It’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Murses tend to get made fun of but there’s nothing hotter, or more European than a man with a leather bag. Plus, Indiana Jones wears one. We told you they were cool.

Colored Pants

Alright show-stoppers, if you truly want to look European, grab a pair of colored pants paired with a trendy wedge or a leather dress shoe. Men and women alike don this trend in all styles from full-length linens to skinny jeans, to capris.

Even if you can’t hop on the next gondola, we hope you found a way to bring a little Italy to you.

What Will You Be Rocking This Summer?

Sometimes you just want to experience Italian fashion first hand, we get that. There’s something picturesque about strutting around in a bold trench coat by the Trevi Fountain, Aperol spritzer in hand. That’s when we call in The Roman Guy because nothing is worse than being all dressed up and having no place to go.

For all things fashion, check us out at the Florida Independent to stay ahead of the trends.

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