Hemp has been around for thousands of years. It was first cultivated in Central Asia by at least 2800 BC. Since its first introduction into human civilization, hemp has played a vital role in its social and industrial fabric.

In more recent days the explosion in popularity of various CBD products has led to an increase in applications and therefore an increase in demand for hemp biomass. One reason is that hemp biomass can have a high CBD content.

This makes it a great choice of raw production material for CBD products. Learn more about hemp biomass right here.

What Is Hemp Biomass?

What Is Hemp Biomass

Hemp biomass, in essence, is everything left over after the processing of a marijuana plant. When all other usable parts of the plant have been put into other applications hemp biomass is what’s left.

It most often is a conglomerate of stems, leaves, fibers, stalks, shake, and trimmings from a marijuana plant. It looks like a big bag of yard trimmings to the untrained eye.

While this biomass may not have the same quality or consistency as THC-containing marijuana buds, it does contain CBD and is useful for those looking to extract this lucrative substance from raw materials.

It also has various uses throughout the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Paper, fuel, and construction materials are all common products derived from hemp biomass.

In the past, many people would discard hemp biomass if it wasn’t put into an industrial or manufacturing process.

Now with the advent of the CBD craze, reusing hemp biomass is seen as a cheap alternative to growing raw CBD marijuana plants and harvesting their buds.

There is nothing inferior about the CBD found in hemp biomass, so it makes much more sense to use it for the distillation of CBD oil or other CBD concentrates.

Hemp Biomass and CBD Products

Hemp Rolls

All sorts of different CBD products can be made from hemp biomass. It all depends on what kind of hemp biomass you have.

If your hemp biomass is mostly large stalks and fibers, it is not appropriate for products that involve smoking CBD such as pre-rolled joints. If it consists of shake, trimmings, or leaves it may be if it is ground into a powder.

Stalky, fibrous, or otherwise less aesthetically pleasing biomass may not be appropriate for raw CBD products that involve smokable flowers.

It can, however, be further refined into CBD oil. This CBD oil can be used to fill vape cartridges, make edibles, and be put into all sorts of different CBD products.

The best CBD products are often made from smokeable flowers straight from a marijuana plant.

However, there is nothing better about this quality of CBD versus that found in biomass on a molecular level. Many fine CBD products have their roots in hemp biomass.

Advantages of Hemp Biomass

The primary advantage of hemp biomass is its price. Since hemp biomass is a leftover product from the marijuana production process, it is much cheaper than premium buds and flowers.

You can buy hemp biomass wholesale for much cheaper prices than any other form of marijuana such as raw flower. It is also much more available.

Almost any large-scale marijuana growing or processing operation will have excess hemp biomass. If they don’t reincorporate it into their production processes, they will consider it as waste and will either discard or sell it.

Another benefit of hemp biomass is its high CBD content. While not all forms of hemp biomass have a high CBD content, biomass with a large makeup of leaves and trim from a strain of marijuana high in CBD will.

It is also easy to process hemp biomass into CBD oil and CBD concentrates as long as you have the right equipment.

If you are ready to make an initial investment into this specialized equipment, hemp biomass can be a cheap income stream for your growing cannabis business.

You can use hemp biomass on a personal level as well. If you buy mostly shake, it can be great for rolling CBD joints. You can also create CBD oil and extract it in small-scale personal batches from hemp biomass.

Where to Find Hemp Biomass

how long does it take to grow hemp

If you are involved in the cannabis industry you may already have access to hemp biomass as a bi-product of other operations in your business. If not your best bet is to look for it for sale on the open market.

You have many options when it comes to hemp biomass for sale but your best bet is to go with a legitimate online wholesale distributor. Avoid buying your biomass from unlicensed individuals or under the table.

It can be hard to verify the quality and consistency of hemp biomass unless you know your source does a good job of lab testing it.

Make sure whoever you get your biomass from can guarantee its cannabinoid content. This is particularly important if you are using it to distill CBD oil or create other CBD products.

You will need a consistent input material for your production process if you want to make the best CBD products. For that, you will want to know the exact percentage of cannabidiol present in your biomass.

If this percentage changes with each batch, it could influence the quality of your final product. If you want consistency and a standard of excellence when it comes to your hemp biomass, go with a legitimate distributor every time.

Give Hemp Biomass a Try

Getting the raw materials for your CBD projects can be expensive and time-consuming. Hemp biomass is a cheap alternative precursor and raw ingredient for many top-quality CBD products.

If you are in the marijuana industry, it is only common sense that you give it a try. Not only will it save you money, but it is widely available and still yields a top-quality CBD product if you process it right.

Order some hemp biomass wholesale online today and for all of your other news and info make sure to check our page.

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