CBD Oil And Hemp Seed

CBD oil and hemp seed are both derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is just one of the more than 100 chemical compounds found in the plant. There are two main species of the plant, marijuana, and hemp. Both contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. THC is what results in a psychoactive high. Hemp contains trace amounts of THC with a higher CBD percentage. 

This is the reason the extraction of CBD is from the hemp plant and is called hemp extract. CBD does not result in a psychoactive high. The effects include decreasing depression and anxiety. Since CBD and hemp are obtained from the same plant, they are generally placed into the same family. This has resulted in a lot of confusion. 

Hemp Seed

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Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the plant. The composition of hemp seeds is completely different than the actual flowers and leaves of the plant. Only traces of CBD are contained in hemp seeds. Hemp leaves are much more potent because they contain as much as forty percent CBD.

Unlike many of the carrier oils such as sunflower seed or olive oil, the hemp seed oil from Honest Hemp is good for your body. This is due to the high concentrations of omega fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants found in hemp seed oil. 

This is a much better option if you are interested in skincare than for treating aches and pains. Hemp seed oil will not clog your pores, offers excellent moisturization and provides anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin supple.

You can use hemp seed oil directly on your skin as a facial oil or you can purchase numerous different skincare products containing hemp seed oil. If you want to know more about hemp seed oil evolv health provides more reliable information.


Cannabidiol or CBD oil contains active cannabinoids derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. In most cases, the extraction of CBD oil is from the hemp plant. CBD oil can also be obtained from the indica strains of the marijuana plant due to the high concentrations of CBD. CBD oil will not get you high. This is because CBD oil contains less than one percent of THC. The CBD cannabinoid derived from hemp does not promote any psychoactive effects. CBD oil will help you relax as opposed to getting you high. 

Carrier oils such as MCT oil is often used when producing CBD Oil or tinctures. MCT oil is made using a type of fat referred to as medium-chain triglycerides. The majority of the fats you consume contain much larger molecules than MCT because they have long-chain triglycerides. MCT is absorbed quickly by your bloodstream and converted into energy for your body. The reason MCT oil is so often used with CBD is that it is usually considered one of the best options for carrier oils. 

High levels of MCT are found in both palm oil and coconut oil. Although these oils are named after their actual source, MCT oil is named after the molecule structure or medium-chain triglycerides. The structure and size of the molecules for MTC oil are important. Triglycerides are one of several different names for oil and fat molecules. The number of carbon atoms within the structure is what determines the size. The majority of oils and fats have a minimum of fourteen carbon atoms and long-chain triglycerides. 

The size difference is the reason MCT is so effective for CBD oil. MCT oil additionally offers you numerous potential benefits for your health. The smaller molecular structure of MCT enables your body to absorb and digest the MCT much easier. When MCT is used in CBD oil as a carrier oil, the bioavailability significantly increases. The breakdown of cannabinoids is stored in your body as fat. When your administration includes fat, your absorption rate increases. 

Medium-chain triglycerides are more preferable for oil to large-chain triglycerides because they blend much more efficiently with water. Since your body is mostly composed of large quantities of water, this is important. MCTs can be sent by your digestive tract to your bloodstream without requiring chylomicrons also called lipoprotein particles. When CBD has the ability to enter your bloodstream fast prior to digestion, you will feel the impact much faster. 

There is currently a lot of research being conducted regarding the benefits of CBD oil on the skin. The available results have shown CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory just like hemp seed oil. CBD oil has been shown effective for healing sensitive skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and rashes. CBD oil is also extremely rich in antioxidants. 

The Importance of the Cannabis Species Breakdown

The farm bill that passed in 2018 made CBD derived from industrial hemp legal throughout the United States. This resulted in a rush of green products inspired by cannabis on the market. This included cosmetics and assorted beauty products.

Although CBD has become more readily available, it is still a relatively new ingredient. The hemp seed oil has been available for decades. You can purchase hemp seed oil for both skincare and cooking at health food stores. The problem is when CBD oil and hemp seed are sold simultaneously, the labels can be misleading. 

This is when the breakdown of the cannabis species becomes important. There are two different varieties of cannabis that are derived from the same plant, hemp, and hemp seeds. Both are different than marijuana. The THC levels of marihuana are a minimum of twenty percent. This is the reason marijuana is so often used to get high. Medical marijuana is used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes including the treatment of illnesses, mental health issues, and chronic pain. 

The THC content of hemp must be below 0.3 percent to be legally sold. The stalks from hemp plants are used for the production of a wide assortment of products including rope, fuel, clothing, paper, and insulation. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil contain zero percent THC. These products include granola and hemp seed milk. Hemp seeds are cold-pressed for the production of oil. This is used for everything from paint to beauty products to cooking. 

Both CBD oil and hemp seed oil are used for producing topical skincare products. The issue is certain brands are infusing their products with CBD oil while others are using hemp seed oil. The products have intentionally or unintentionally mixed up these terms. Due to the fact hemp seed and CBD oil are in the same family, they are being marketed incorrectly as the same thing which they are not. This may be due to the willingness of consumers to pay a higher price for CBD oil. 

Adding hemp seed oil to any brand or product is easy. The packaging contains marijuana leaves with the word cannabis highlighted. This makes the consumers believe the product contains CBD oil despite there being no CBD oil at all. The biggest issue for determining what the individual products actually contain is CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and hemp extract are often confused and used interchangeably. Despite this, there is a big difference between these products. 

Hemp extract and CBD oil are generally synonymous. To confuse matters even more, they are both called hemp oil. CBD oil and hemp seed extract are both derived from the parts of the plant containing the highest levels of cannabidiol. This is what provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

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Both CBD oil and hemp seed oil can be used in different ways. They can be used as an oral supplement, for recipes and cooking or topically. When used topically, the benefits of hemp seed oil include:

  • Will not clog pores while moisturizing
  • Decreases hair loss while enhancing hair growth
  • Softer skin for a suppler complexion
  • Provides extremely dry skin with deep hydration
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Strengthens nails

Topical use of hemp seed oil offers the following benefits:

  • High in minerals and vitamins for an anti-inflammatory effect
  • High in omega 6 and omega 3 to improve heart and eye health
  • High in minerals and antioxidants for boosting immunity and fighting aging

The Benefits of CBD Oil

The most common benefits of CBD oil come from an oral dosage. This includes:

  • Relieves joint pain and muscle aches
  • Anti-inflammatory effects beneficial for auto-immune diseases including psoriasis
  • Eliminating or decreasing pain
  • Soothes migraines and headaches

A topical application of CBD oil offers these benefits:

  • Improves post-exercise recovery
  • Relieves muscle tension and stress
  • Soothes redness due to bug bites, sunburns, and rosacea

CBD provides numerous benefits due to the anti-inflammatory properties for decreasing muscle spasms, pain, and stiffness. According to studies, CBD is one of the best possible natural options for relieving pain. As opposed to synthetic pain relievers, there are no side effects with CBD oil. CBD oil helps with the activation of your serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. This enhances your brain and body’s feeling of well-being. This will help relieve:

  • Stress
  • Panic disorders
  • PTSD
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • OCD

The Uses for CBD Oil 

You can take CBD oil orally or you can vape or smoke it for sooting pain or promoting relaxation. To achieve skin benefits from CBD, it must be applied topically. This has been proven to significantly enhance the anti-inflammatory benefits. This is beneficial for soothing irritation and redness while calming down acne flare-ups. As the number of options available on the market increase, CBD oil can be found in capsule supplements, skincare products, and pet treats. 

CBD oil is even being used in drinks such as coffee. Numerous individuals are adding CBD oil to their morning coffee. Quality CBD oil products usually contain the potency right on the label. This is the best way to ensure the product meets your specific needs. One of your best options for receiving the maximum benefits is a full-spectrum, organic CBD oil. 

The Uses for Hemp Seed Oil 

A lot of the benefits of hemp seed oil are derived from the richness of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Hemp seeds are rich in both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. This is the reason hemp seed oil deeply hydrates your skin. You can find hemp seed oil in beauty products such as hair care and body lotions. In addition to offering benefits for the beauty industry, hemp seed oil is ideal for cooking due to the density of nutrients and being a heart-healthy option. 

The smoke point of hemp seed oil is 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Coconut oil is 350 degrees Farhenheit and olive oil is 320. This means hemp seed oil is the best choice for low or no heat cooking. A good example is making salad dressing at home. You can use hemp seed oil instead of olive oil for more vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin B. Prior to purchasing hemp seed oil, you need to be certain it is organic, pure and cold-pressed for high-quality oil. The shelf life of hemp seed oil is more than a year. This eliminates the need for any preservatives. 

The Special Attributes of CBD Oil

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CBD oil offers a wide range of anti-inflammatory benefits. All different types of athletes use CBD oil for sooting joint pain including arthritis and muscle aches. The Journal of Experimental Medicine conducted a scientific study in 2012. The study determined both arthritis pain and chronic pain levels were effectively decreased by using CBD oil. Of the participants in the study, 42 percent preferred CBD oil to prescription drugs such as Vicodin or the more traditional over the counter medications like Tylenol. 

Another survey was conducted consisting of an online community of both cannabis patients and physicians. Eighty percent of all the participants stated CBD oil was either extremely or very effective. You may not realize CBD oil is beneficial for much more than just pain. Numerous different studies have revealed CBD oil can decrease inflammation. Additional research has proven CBD oil may be an effective treatment for numerous different anxiety disorders. 

While hemp seed oil contains healthy fatty acids beneficial for treating numerous skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne, it does not have the same ability as CBD oil for treating numerous medical issues

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