According to a consumer survey, 55 percent of Americans use a prescription drug. However, the many side effects of prescription medication are encouraging more consumers to choose a healthier, natural alternative. 

More athletes are making the switch, too! 

After an intense workout, you can use CBD oil for pain relief, muscle recovery, or just to help you sleep. 

Here are 10 ways CBD can help you on your fitness journey. With this guide, you can improve your fitness without putting your body at risk!

1. Relieve Those Aches and Pains

According to VeryWellHealth, cannabis has been used for pain relief since the days of ancient China.

After a long, dedicated workout, you’re bound to experience a little joint and muscle pain. The body’s endocannabinoid system influences how we process pain. Thankfully, CBD powder and oil can help relieve it.

2. Reduce Unfortunate Inflammation

Whether you’re going hardcore or planning on a light workout for the day, you’re still causing microscope damage to your muscles and tissues.

This inflammation causes your body to react and repair the damage. Too much inflammation, however, can leave your body at risk for a number of diseases. This includes heart disease and arthritis. 

Inflammation is also associated with post-workout issues like sprains and strains. 

While many athletes use ice baths to treat this inflammation, CBD is a great alternative for muscle recovery instead.

Rather than taking anti-inflammatory medications, you can take a CBD powder as part of your workout recovery regimen to treat your aches and pains. 

3. Get Some Sweet Sleep

A good night’s sleep is like clicking a reset button for your body. Sleep gives your body the chance to heal, especially after a rigorous workout. 

Our cortisol levels also fluctuate throughout the day.

Since cortisol decreases at night while we’re sleeping, this sleep is essential to helping our bodies heal.

A full night’s sleep also promotes muscle recovery. As your body heals and you get that necessary rest, you can set yourself up for success during your next workout. 

4. Stop That Stress

Unfortunately, our body’s cortisol levels increase during intense workouts. This can make it more difficult for us to experience muscle recovery during the day.

Plus, increased cortisol levels can actually lower bone density and eat at muscle tissue. This can counteract all the hard work and dedication you put into your workout.  

Taking CBD powder or oil, however, can counteract the physical and mental stress we experience each day. 

Whether you’re stressed out about a relationship or your athletic performance, CBD can help relieve this stress. That way, you can lower your cortisol levels and get back to effective workout recovery.

5. Ease Away Anxiety

A number of stressors in our life can also cause our anxiety to skyrocket. Like stress, anxiety makes it difficult for our bodies to relax and heal. 

Reducing your anxiety levels can help improve your workout recovery. 

Easing your anxiety can also make your day-to-day life easier. This will allow you to regain focus in your workouts, relationships, and career. As your anxiety fades, you’ll also begin to feel more confident.

That confidence can go a long way to improving your athletic performance and personal interactions as well. 

6. Step Up Stamina

Of course, you want to keep your stamina at a high during your workouts. 

With CBD, you can feel that “working out high” and keep your stamina running forward. CBD regulates anandamide, which is a natural endocannabinoid compound. This can give us a euphoric sensation that keeps us feeling pain-free. 

Paired with the anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD can help you make the most of your athletic performance. That way, pain won’t slow you down!

7. Make More Muscle

In addition to benefiting muscle recovery, CBD also promotes muscle development. 

CBD helps regulate blood sugar levels. This causes your body to store less insulin, which then leads your body to store less fat. When your body stores less fat, it remains in anti-catabolic mode.

Then, your body will produce more muscle instead.

Between the muscle production and muscle recovery benefits, CBD can ensure you optimize your workouts for the best possible results. That way, it’s all gain—and little pain.

8. A Gift to Your Gut

An unhappy gut can slow you down during a workout. Thankfully, CBD powder and oil can help reduce your nausea and gut issues. 

That way, you can improve your fitness and remove issues that might cause delays.

With CBD, you can focus on your workout and not the pain. Feel good before and after your fitness regimen with CBD’s many pain relief benefits. 

Check out this blog to learn more about CBD and the best way to consume CBD as part of your workout regimen. 

9. Boost Your Mood

Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive. However, it can still help you relax and boost your mood. 

In addition to calming the mind so it’s easier to sleep, CBD can also boost your mood and energy. That way, you’re more alert and focused during your workouts.

CBD is also naturally stimulating. That means it boosts your mood as well as your energy levels, preparing you for that rigorous workout. 

10. Make for an Easier Workout

If our body is experiencing aches and pains from your last workout, it’s difficult to focus on remaining physically active in the present. 

Instead of overexerting yourself, CBD powder and oil can make it easier for you to continue your fitness regimen. 

That way, you don’t have to sacrifice a day to let your body heal. 

This post-workout recovery aid will help relieve your pain, promote muscle recovery, and make it easier for you to workout the next day.

Hustle That Muscle: CBD Benefits for Muscle Recovery

With this guide to how CBD can benefit your body post-workout, you can hustle that muscle and make the most of your fitness journey. Experience muscle recovery, pain relief, and a good night’s sleep with CBD.

Keep exploring our blog for more health and wellness tips!

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Why Launching a Startup is The Best Thing You Can do With Your Life

After a C-level career in finance I decided to launch my own start-up. I was happy working in the city of London, the environment in the company was great, the owners were just yet inspiring. Nonetheless, somehow it was never enough and I dreamed of something more.

Two reasons why you should stop working for someone else

In March 2014 I decided to quit and start on my own. I didn’t know what I was going to do or which direction to go, but I felt it was a rational decision I will not regret. My main reasons for quitting were simple.

#1 it is hard to achieve high financial goals

I realised that no matter how much I loved all the corporate life and the available resources I wasn’t getting closer to my personal financial goals. Successful companies are reluctant to make late comers equal no matter the time and effort they put in.

Even when the results are above all expectations the owners will still attribute it to the company’s generic growth. It’s very unlikely that you’ll become a multimillionaire working for someone else.

#2 It’s hard to feel complete

I always compared myself to other people in the organisation, as a matter of fact that is what all of us are doing when we are working for someone else. We compare ourselves to the people inside and outside the firm.

No matter how much I put in I always felt that I could do more. Nonetheless, I didn’t see good reasons to work an 18-hour day if I will not be made equal. Don’t get me wrong I worked very hard, but I wasn’t “all-in”.

Four reasons to start on your own

It might be hard to find the right idea at the start. Most of my ideas were crazy or stupid, or both. Some of them didn’t make any sense. Until one day… I was back in the UK looking for a horse riding weekend trip in Surrey.

It took me two hours precisely to find what I was looking for. Let it sink in. With an average pay of £500 an hour I hypothetically spent £1000 doing a “monkey search” through Google.

That’s how ActivityFan – the activity booking marketplace was born. As soon as I started working on my own start-up I realized that I will never be able to go back to working for someone else and here is why.

The challenge is real

No matter how challenging your current job is having a start-up will always be much more challenging. It’s green field and you have to build everything from the start. You will not be stuck in routine ever again. It’s requires enormous amount of effort to even get your project of the ground.

If you’ll decide to self-fund you will feel the pressure of having to get rolling before you become flat broke. Trust me it’s the most motivating kick on the backside you can experience. If you ever felt like: “I don’t feel like working today” it will never happen again.

It boosts your creativity

Limited resources will force you to focus on the most effective ways of achieving results. No matter if we are talking about marketing or simply getting things done, you’ll learn to think outside of the box.

It takes up all your time and you don’t mind

When you have a start-up there is no difference between work time and free time. As a matter of fact, all of your free time becomes your work time and all your work time becomes your free time. You’ll enjoy every day. At time it might be hard, but the satisfaction of moving forward outweighs all the tiredness.

You love it with all your heart

You might have heard people saying: “having a start-up is like having a baby” and it’s completely true. The only thing you can talk of is your start up, the only thing you think of is your start-up and you love it with all your heart. It defines you and makes you complete, every success story is your personal success and every failure simply motivates you to keep on going.

Launching a startup is the best thing you can do with your life, but are you ready for the challenge?

This post was written by Elina Pedersen. Elina is a traveller (over 60 countries) and the founder of Activity Fan  – the activity booking marketplace. Elina was born in Estonia, but she lived in Netherlands, Australia, and USA. Elina currently resides in UK. Her main goal is to help people find their next big adventure, as well as to support small-local businesses worldwide.

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