A fact that might surprise you is that approximately eighty percent of people experience neck pain in their lives. From constantly supporting the weight of our skulls as well as turning and tilting our heads throughout every day, our necks can be sources of much physical stress. In fact, they are one of the most frequent sources of short-term or chronic physical pain.

Perhaps you are currently experiencing some irritating pains in the neck. If so, this may be the result of an avoidable behavior or action. This brief guide will break down some possible causes of neck pain that you may not have considered.

1. Bad Posture

Bad Posture

Just the wait you stand, sit, or carry your body as you go about your day can lead to neck issues. Poor posture can put certain areas of your body under undue pressure.

The first step to changing your static or dynamic posture is to be aware of it and take active measures to sit, stand, and walk with your shoulders back and neck upright.

2. Awkward Sleep

It is a difficult factor to control, but sleeping in an awkward position for a prolonged period can lead to pronounced spinal pain.

To combat this, try to use therapeutic pillows that can create more comfortable sleep in your preferred position as well as encourage you not to twist in potentially harmful ways during the night.

3. Stressful Motions

Stressful Motions

Perhaps you play a sport or work in a job that requires you to perform stressful motions such as rapidly swiveling your head back and forth or bending in uncomfortable positions.

Overuse of your neck muscles and ligaments can cause a crick in the neck or more severe points of pain.

4. “Text Neck”: One of the Growing Causes of Neck Pain

Looking down at our phones has become such a routine action that we can quickly lose sight of how long we spend with our necks bent downwards, staring at a phone in our hands.

Over time, this can create a lasting awkward hunch in the lower neck that can complicate neck mobility.

5. Trauma

different types of trauma

As with any part of the body, a severe collision or whiplash from a violent motion can create prolonged neck pain right away.

This pain can be treated in the short term with rest, hot or cold compresses, and stretching. More severe neck injuries, on the other hand, might require the expertise of a neck surgeon to prevent the risk of the injury worsening.

Stay Aware and Keep Your Body Healthy

As previously mentioned, the most important way to avoid the causes of neck pain is to remain aware of how they come about. At the end of the day, the best way to protect your body and stay safe from debilitating injury is to keep yourself informed and alert.

Stay up-to-date with us for even more in the world of health and fitness today.

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