hosting foreign exchange student
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Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

Every year, a host of students come from all over the globe to attend a school exchange program in the United States. If you’ve chosen to host an exchange student, prepare for a life-changing experience that […]
Flip or not to flip
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To Flip or Not to Flip? That is the Question!

Canadian philosopher and author Marshall McLuhan introduced the popular phrase “the medium is the message” in his groundbreaking book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man in 1964. McLuhan suggested that mediums carry more than just a message, […]
Ditch that textbook e
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Do You Want to Ditch Your Textbook?

Teacher: “Please open your textbook to page 131. Let’s read the introduction paragraph together, then you will read the rest of the chapter to yourself, answering the questions on page 135 on your own sheet of […]