Do you dream of traveling the world? What if you could get paid to do it? It sounds like a dream come true, but if the only thing holding you back from being on the road more often than not is cost, below are four ways that pay you to travel without working directly in the travel industry.

Careers That Pay You To Travel

Work In International Business

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Whether you’d like to live abroad full time or you just want to get sent to other countries on business trips, a career in international business is a great way to see and better understand the world. You’ll need a degree, and if cost is a worry, remember that there are many ways to pay you to travel for school, including grants, scholarships, and loans.

In addition to federal aid, you can borrow money from a private lender. A student loan calculator can give you an idea of what it will cost you if you finance now to repay later on down the road when finances are less of a concern.

Teach English

Teaching English is another great way to see the world and that can pay you to travel. This is a terrific job for people who want to really spend some time in one community and get to know the place, and you could accept a teaching job in a different country each year and not run out of new places to go in your working life. Keep in mind that while many people assume that teaching your native language is as easy as speaking it, this really isn’t the case.

You’ll be a better teacher and work at better schools if you get some formal training. Throughout most of the world, you’ll actually be better off with a Cambridge CELTA certificate than a degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from an American university. The good news is that whatever your degree is in, it will help you get into a CELTA program, which is only a couple of months long and is offered in schools worldwide.

Hit The High Seas

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Maybe sitting in a classroom isn’t for you. If you’re young, willing to work very hard and you love the ocean, you could get a job crewing on a yacht without any experience. Do your research before jumping into this.

There’s a lot you need to know, such as what hiring ports to hit at what times of the year. You should also be prepared to work long hours without a lot of pay you to travel. You’ll either hate it but have great stories to tell later, or this will be your first step into a lifelong passion for boating and the ocean.

Be A Travel Writer

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Be forewarned that this is not the glamorous, high-paying position you might imagine it to be. It takes a huge amount of time and energy to write a solid guidebook. Magazine articles won’t make you rich, and most likely books about your travels won’t either unless you strike a rare chord with a huge number of readers.

Still, this is a great way to earn some money while they may pay you to travel, and if you relocate to one of the lower-cost-of-living places in the world, you might even be able to live on it. Combine travel writing with a strong social media presence as a blogger and influencer and you’ll make more money.

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