Did you know that care instructions are one of the essential parts of a garment?

Without proper care instructions, it is impossible to know how to care for the garment so it can last the owner for years to come. This is why having proper care instruction symbols are essential.

Between folded tags, tags on solids, and apparel tags, marking garments with instructions can be complicated. But don’t worry; you haven’t been left stranded.

We are here to tell you what every care instruction symbol means.

Drying Symbols

Drying Symbols

The most common drying symbol looks like a square divided into four parts with a circle in the middle. This symbol indicates that an article of clothing has been tested for machine heat drying at a specified temperature and dehumidified drying.

Machine heat drying usually involves setting a specific timer or temperature. It is used when drying the item in a dryer and dehumidified drying means that things should be dried on racks designed explicitly for low-heat drying.

Articles of clothing with this symbol should not be dried at a temperature above the indicated one. Additionally, a slashed circle means that items cannot be machine dried.

Washing Symbols

They indicate the water temperature and the wash cycle you should use. For example, the little hand symbol suggests that you should handwash gently, and the machine symbol indicates that it is safe to put the item in the washing machine.

A circle with temperature numbers inside tells you what water temperature should be used for washing, and a triangle means that bleach should not be used. You must follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your clothes last for many years.

Washing Symbols

Familiarising yourself with the different symbols to clean and care labels for clothing is essential. It is also essential to ensure you do not mix different wash requirements, as this can damage your items.

Ironing Symbols

A symbol typically consists of a line drawing with a particular shape and some text. There are a few basic universal symbols, such as the triangle for ironing, the square for dry cleaning, and a dashed line to indicate no ironing is needed.

They act as a guide to ensure clothes are ironed correctly and don’t become damaged in the process. Ironing symbols provide information about the ideal temperature and steam setting that should be used to achieve the best results.

Bleaching Symbols

Bleaching Symbols

Knowing what the bleaching symbols mean is essential when selecting the best care for your garments to ensure their longevity. The triangle symbol signifies caution and that chlorine-based bleaches are prohibited. The downward-pointing arrow with a “No” sign symbolizes regular bleaching is not permitted, and a circle with a “No” sign represents no bleaching.

Be Aware of Care Instruction Symbols

Care instruction symbols can mean various things, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with them. Take the time to research what they mean and understand how they can affect the care of your clothing. Doing so will ensure your dress remains capable of providing you with the quality and comfort you expect.

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