The average American sleeps for about 7.5 hours every night. But according to a survey conducted a few years ago, nearly 50 percent of people have a hard time sleeping at least once every week.

A lack of sleep can cause all kinds of problems for these people. It can make it tough for them to stay alert during the day. It can also cause complications with concentration and memory.

It can even make it impossible for people to have beautiful eyes! Those who don’t get enough sleep often walk around with bags under their eyes that drag their appearance way down.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful eyes, getting enough shuteye on a regular basis is essential. There are other steps you can take as well to maintain your eyes.

Here are six tips that’ll help you improve the look of your eyes from now on.

Watch What You Eat

It’s not exactly a secret that most Americans aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables into their diets. About 90 percent of people struggle to take in the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day.

This can take a toll on your eyes if you’re not careful. You should get into the habit of eating fruits that are high in vitamin C, like oranges, strawberries, and mangoes, to improve your eyes. You should also eat lots of vegetables loaded with vitamin A, like carrots and spinach.

Vitamin E and zinc are also great for people who are making their eyes more of a priority. You can obtain vitamin E from almonds, sunflower seeds, and nuts. Zinc, meanwhile, can be found in things like chicken, turkey, and yogurt.

By reworking your diet, you can do what’s best for your eyes. These foods will also impact other parts of your body in a positive way.

Start Exercising More

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently found that less than 25 percent of Americans are getting enough exercise each week. “Enough exercise” consists of either:

  • 150 minutes of “moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity” per week
  • 75 minutes of “vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity” per week

As a result of this, many Americans struggle with obesity. They’re also forced to deal with health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

And what they don’t always realize is that they’re putting their eyes at risk, too, by not getting enough exercise!

Exercise helps to improve the blood circulation in your body. It ensures that every aspect of your body, including your eyes, gets the right amount of oxygen.

Without good circulation, your eyesight may suffer. You may also see changes in the appearance of your eyes. It’s why it’s so important to make exercise a bigger part of your life.

Drink Water (and Then Drink Some More!)

Do your eyes feel dry almost all the time?

You should not ignore this problem as it could be a sign of a serious eye condition. You should take a trip to your eye doctor to see if they can figure out why your eyes are so dry.

You should also try to take in more water each and every day if you’re not doing it already. 

About four out of five Americans admit to not drinking enough water daily, and it often wreaks havoc on their systems. A lack of water can cause:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue

It can also cause all sorts of issues with your eyes. It can make your eyes dry and itchy and force you to strain your eyes when you’re trying to look at something.

A lack of water can even cause vision loss if the problem persists for too long. Start drinking more water day in and day out to avoid these unfortunate consequences.

Wear Sunglasses Outside

You’re probably well aware of the damage that the sun’s UV rays can do to your skin. But did you know that UV rays can also cause problems with your eyes?

You can damage your eyes if you expose them to the sun for long periods of time, especially if you do it during the peak hours of the day. Put on sunglasses from now on whenever you’re going to be out in the sun to stop UV rays from hurting your eyes.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Everyone’s eyes get itchy every now and then. When people first wake up in the morning, it’s not uncommon for them to start their days by rubbing their eyes.

If you do this every now and then, it won’t hurt your eyes too much. But by constantly applying pressure to your eyes, you can do damage to them.

You can also introduce germs and other contaminants into your eyes by touching them all the time. It’s best to avoid rubbing your eyes at all if you can.

Give Dermal Fillers a Try

As you start to get older, you might notice dark, black circles forming under your eyes. These “bags” can kill your self-confidence and make you wish you had done more to care for your eyes earlier in life.

Some people are able to successfully cover these bags up with makeup. But if you want to steer clear of having to apply makeup every time you step out of the house, dermal fillers might be the answer to your prayers.

Discover more about how fillers can give you the most beautiful eyes possible.

Get More Beautiful Eyes Today

Your eyes are often the first thing that people see when they look at you. Take steps to make them more beautiful today.

By using the tips listed here, you can get the beautiful eyes you’ve always wanted. You can also keep your eyes healthier and make yourself look younger for years to come.

Want to know some other steps you can take to look and feel your best? Browse through our blog to find more health and beauty tips that will improve your life in a variety of ways.

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