Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon has ordered an investigation into the oil spill claims process, as lawmakers prepare for the upcoming legislative session.

Cannon said in a statement released Thursday that “numerous breakdowns and inconsistencies” in the claims process had been brought to his attention:

As a result of these issues and given the proximity to the beginning of the 2011 Legislation Session, I am directing the Economic Affairs Committee to conduct a review of the private compensation process.  I would ask that you invite those Members who represent areas impacted by the spill to participate in your committee’s investigation.  In addition, I have asked Chairman Aubuchon, who oversaw the House workgroups this past summer, to make himself available to assist you in any manner that you deem appropriate.

Fostering an economic environment that leads to private sector job creation is our top priority over the next two years.  At the state level, we must work to ensure that those Floridians who suffered losses as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Incident are made whole, and that obligation requires us to keep abreast of any problems within the current claims process.

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