When you smoke cannabis, you’re bound to get hungry at some point. While most people reach for chips, fruits, or even cake batter — there’s another option you can eat to keep the party going. Cannabis edibles are safe and effective ways to get high and stay high for longer.

Anything from gummy candy to classic brownies can have cannabis in it. Now that people are free to experiment with marijuana, companies are developing ways to include cannabis in all kinds of treats! That doesn’t mean you should binge-eat on edibles though.

The high they produce can be extremely different from a regular high. It can be more intense, and it lasts longer too. Keep reading below to learn more about cannabis edibles, and how to best enjoy them!

Eating THC is Different From Smoking It

When you smoke marijuana, you’re actually burning away a lot of the chemicals that make you high. Hardly any THC actually makes it into your body, which is why a marijuana high may not last long and is almost never too intense. Yet, that’s not the case with marijuana edibles.

Instead, eating marijuana edibles preserves the amount of THC that makes it to your body. Even though eating one pot-laced brownie may not seem like much, it can be the equivalent of smoking more than a few joints. And the high can be terrifying for new users.

Cannabis Edibles Can Give You a Different High

Even though marijuana edibles contain the same active chemical, THC, the high people experience from eating weed instead of smoking it can be different. It can be far more intense, and it will last longer. Your body actually processes the THC differently than it would if you smoked.

More Delta-9-THC reaches your liver, which is then converted to 11-hydroxy-THC. Although both are kinds of THC, 11-hydroxy-THC is less studied than the kind of THC that reaches your brain when you smoke it. Yet, researchers have found that 11-hydroxy-THC is more psychoactive than Delta-9-THC.

That means highs from edibles aren’t always the kind of high that usually leaves people couch-locked. Instead, it’s more of a cerebral experience that may surprise even experienced smokers.

They Last Longer and Can Scare New Users

It can take an hour or two for you to start to feel a high from edibles. The food needs time to digest and enter the bloodstream, whereas smoking marijuana lets THC enter the bloodstream immediately. Inexperienced users may smoke marijuana and eat some at the same time.

This usually leaves them both couch-locked and in a cerebral stupor. It can feel like a nightmare for people aren’t used to highs like that, and it can last for eight hours. That’s why edibles should be taken in small portions, and you should never doubt if it’s actually working. Even if you don’t feel it working, you should know that it is.

Cannabis Edibles Are the Highest-Quality Treat

When people use cannabis edibles responsibly, it’s a fun and enjoyable experience. Cannabis edibles offer experienced marijuana users an opportunity to experience weed for the first time again. The high is a unique and safe experience, and edibles can go well with smoked weed.

And as most experienced smokers know, weed should be respected. You should always research everything you use, no matter how good it tastes! And to do that, keep reading here. We update our website with the latest news about everything from marijuana and beyond, so you can stay informed about what you use!

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