Did you know that Uber offers an injury protection plan to help drivers in case they get hurt on the job?

The driver might be covered if an accident occurs, but you may be wondering, are you? Fortunately, there are steps you can take after being involved in an accident as an Uber passenger for help.

If you’ve been in an accident, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Continue reading to discover how you should navigate an Uber crash and get the compensation you deserve!

Check Yourself for Injuries

uber accident

One of the first things to do after you’re involved in an Uber crash is to check yourself and the driver for injuries.

The people involved in the crash are much more important than the vehicles. Before you start looking for your belongings and walking away, make sure the vehicle is empty. If you or someone else is injured badly, you should contact 911 and receive guidance from them.

In severe accidents, moving someone that’s wedged in the car or pulling away items could cause more harm. If you’re alright, do your best to get away from traffic and find somewhere safe to stay until the police arrive.

Never leave the scene of the crash, especially if you intend to sue.

Call the Police

If there’s a chance you’ll be dealing with legal issues from an Uber crash, you want the police involved.

Getting the accident filed will supply you with info for the insurance company. Make sure someone is calling the police, you should designate one person, otherwise, people might slow down without calling it in.

The police should arrive quickly, depending on your location. An ambulance and fire truck will likely come to the scene in case their skills are needed.

You should never leave the accident scene until the police give your permission. They will ask you a few questions and request a statement to ensure all the stories align. This will also give them info about people that have broken the law and put others’ lives at risk.

Take Photos at the Scene of the Crash

Take note of the time and use your phone camera to capture the scene.

The drivers will also be taking pictures, but you need to have your own. Your insurance company and legal help will need these photographs for evidence. Not only should you take a photo of the crash scene, but also the surrounding areas, inside the vehicle, and close-up shots of the damage.

If you have any injuries or bruising, take photos of them. Although your doctor will likely check you, they can still act as evidence. Bruising may take a few days to become noticeable, but if it does occur, snap a photo of it.

Seek Medical Treatment

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may have to make doctor’s appointments or go to the hospital.

When the ambulance arrives, they’ll conduct a quick health assessment to ensure there aren’t any major issues. If you feel okay and can walk away, keep an eye on your symptoms over the next couple of days. Most people experience their worst pain 2 to 3 days after the accident occurs.

Causes of Car Accidents

You must save all of your documentation and bills. This includes diagnosis and payments for prescriptions and healing equipment. If you don’t go to the doctor’s and hire an attorney, they may not be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact an Attorney

When it comes to car accidents, you should always contact a lawyer.

Whether you’re at fault or not, which you likely won’t be as a passenger, you want representation. The best attorney can use your photographs and other evidence to build a case and help you get medical bills covered.

Many people recommend that you call this rideshare accident lawyer for help. You can put your trust in an attorney and focus on recovery instead. If you have to go on short-term disability, they can also prevent you from losing your job.

Discuss Your Sueing Options

There are a couple of ways you can sue someone when you’ve been involved in an Uber accident.

If another driver was found to be at fault for the accident, you’ll have the opportunity to sue them for the damage they caused. You can also charge the company if a driver caused the accident due to negligence or dangerous driving.

Talking through your legal issues with a lawyer will save you time. Since other people in the industry can’t give you legal advice, you need to have someone that understands the legal terms and your case.

Each case is unique and could involve several guilty parties. Your attorney will need all the details you can provide to ensure people are held accountable.

Negotiate Your Settlement

Most of the time, Uber and other drivers found at fault will agree to pay a settlement price.

Accidents happen and instead of going to court, people will agree to pay you since it typically costs less money. Your lawyer will do most of the negotiating, but you should always make sure you understand what they are trying to get you.

Car accident

It takes an average of 3 to 6 weeks for people to begin and work through the settlement process. With the paperwork involved, you need to be patient.

Move Past Your Uber Crash

If you’ve been in an Uber crash and have medical bills to cover, an attorney can help you get compensation.

As long as your stay at the scene of the crash, take photos, and keep evidence, you should find help. An experienced lawyer can represent you, whether you’re suing an individual or the company. Although it takes a few months to navigate the process, you won’t be overwhelmed with debt.

Make sure you check out our page for more content about how to hire an attorney and handle legal processes!

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