Portable Document Format launched on June 15, 1993. Its reputation for seamless sharing is a vital part of daily digital business. Like other editable sources, you might want to make changes to a PDF. So the question remains, can you edit pdf without acrobat?

One major benefit of PDFs is that they maintain format. Word docs often lose formatting when emailed, texted, or uploaded. This comes off as unprofessional in the business world. With PDFs, your colleagues get exactly what you present.

Best Four Ways to Edit PDF without Acrobat

PDFs also offer a layer of security, as they can be password protected. This gives you the opportunity to protect highly, sensitive documents.

Can you edit PDF without Acrobat? Many people aren’t aware that they can. Read on to learn how to edit PDF without acrobat.

Do you want to edit your book? Here’s how to edit a book. The basic tips you need to know.

1. Can You Edit a PDF Without Adobe? Yes, on Your Mac

Mac computers have a built-app called Preview. Preview lets Mac users edit text and images. The tools panel in the app also allows other basic editing like underlining, annotating, and adding a signature.

To edit files, select the text item on the toolbar then find the section of the PDF you’d like to edit PDF without acrobat. Make your changes and save them by clicking on a blank space.

2. Google Docs

If you have a Gmail account, you have access to Google Docs. Use Google Docs to edit your PDF.

Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Select “new” on the Google Docs page
  • Upload your PDF file to the drive
  • Right-click on the file and choose “open with”
  • Select Google Docs

Your editable PDF will open in a new tab. Make your necessary changes and save your new doc. You have the option to save it to your Google Drive or as a new doc on your computer.

3. Use Microsoft Word

If you have a laptop or pc with a Windows operating system, Microsoft Word edits PDF files. The best part about using Word to edit PDFs is the PDF opens as an editable file.

If you open Word and select a PDF through the file menu, it automatically opens as an editable document. After you open the file, make your changes. You will, however, notice that any images and graphics that appear in the original PDF won’t look the same in Word.

Once you resave it will.

After you make your changes, click on File and select “save as”. Choose PDF in the Format drop-down box then click save. The doc re-saves as a PDF file with the necessary changes.

4. PDF Editing Software

Some people swear by Adobe for printing and editing. Those learning Adobe Dreamweaver can also use the web development tool for editing PDFs. If you can’t afford it, look into other reasonably-priced editing software. Some are free and others cost upwards to $150.

A few free ones:

  • Sejda – a web-based app designed for works in PDFs
  • PDFescape – files up to 10 MB
  • AbleWord – Edits and converts PDFs to Word docs

For print to pdf c#, refer to .Net.

Don’t Delete Your PDFs, Edit Them

Can you edit a PDF without adobe? Yes, you can. Don’t get frustrated with your PDF and delete it. Use this guide to make the edit PDF without acrobat you need and salvage your Portable Document Format.

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