Vitamin B12 drug test rumors have been circulating online since the dawn of the Internet. Many pharmacies are now selling medicines online like “Care n cure online pharmacy Qatar“. So it’s very easy to get Vitamin B12 through the internet.

Almost all recreational marijuana blogs say the same thing. Namely, when taken in high doses, vitamin B12 for drug tests can help you pass a next-day drug screening.

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Learn About B12 for Drug Test

Naturally, this is exactly what people want to hear after blazing their favorite Sativa strain. The only question is, what are the real facts?

Vitamin B12 Myths vs Facts

Can take vitamin B12 help you pass a drug test? As it stands, there isn’t a definitive yes or no answer to this question.

What we do know, is that B vitamins, in general, do have genuine cleansing properties. This is why U.S. addiction and rehabilitation centers often advise that people supplement with vitamin B12 when recovering from drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Vitamin B12 urine color drug test is also known to give the metabolism a boost. This is why some weight loss clinics offer patients pure vitamin B12 ‘B-Shots’ to help them lose weight faster.

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How a B Vitamins Cleanse Works

Given that vitamin B12 does have cleansing properties, does this mean that B12 supplements can help you pass a drug test?

To put things simply, no. Vitamin B12 will not help you pass a drug test. At least, not when taken on its own. However, using vitamin B12 as part of a more thorough cleansing process can be of benefit.

As most people already know, the easiest way to outsmart a urine drug test is to drink lots of water. This dilutes traces of THC metabolites in urine, to make their detection more difficult. The only problem is that drug testing labs are wise to this trick.

  • Drinking lots of water makes urine look visibly paler, which many drug testing labs will find suspicious.
  • As well to diluting THC metabolites, drinking lots of water dilutes compounds normally present in urine, which makes it clear that someone is attempting to outsmart tests.
  • Consuming lots of water changes the normal pH of urine.

How Can Vitamin B12 Outsmart a Drug Test

When used as part of a more thorough detoxification strategy, the primary role of vitamin B12 is to make diluted urine appear normal.

Thanks to the way vitamin B12 passes drug tests metabolized, high doses can turn even diluted urine more yellow in color. More importantly, urine will once again have a near-normal pH, as well as near-normal levels of creatine.

Follow these steps to get the best results:

  • 2-days before a drug test, take high doses of B12 urine color drug test. This will help cleanse your liver and bloodstream and increase your metabolism slightly.
  • 1-day before a drug test, start drinking large amounts of water to flush your system and start diluting THC metabolites.
  • In the hours running up to a test, take vitamin B12 again to restore normal color and pH to your urine.

Does Using Vitamin B12 Pass Drug Test: Guarantee You Will Pass?

Whether flushing with water and using vitamin B12 for a drug test will help you pass a drug test will depend on you personally.

If you smoke marijuana regularly, you might have higher traces of THC in your system. Neither are all vitamin B12 supplements created equal.

Research shows, that passing a urinalysis with vitamin B12 as part of the Mega Clean drink can work. For the best possible outcome, though, it is advisable to invest in a for-purpose 5 or 10-day cleansing formula, with easy to follow step by step instructions.

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