TikTok is a social media app where you can find the latest dance crazes, fashionable looks, and fitness challenges. Could it also be the app that you can turn to when you need help with your finances?

When you look past the videos of adorable pets and makeup hacks, you can find tons of videos offering financial advice for the average viewer. Read ahead to find out three ways that TikTok can help with your finances.

How TikTok Can Help with Your Finances

1. Making An Emergency Fund

Making an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a safety net that you’ll want to fall back on if something goes wrong. What if your car breaks down or your water heater stops working in the middle of winter? You’ll want to have the savings to fix these problems right away. That’s exactly what an emergency fund is for. Three ways TikTok can help with your finances.

The TikTok money coach Chloe Elise, who goes the handle deeper than money, recommends that you calculate how much you spend per month on essentials and then multiply that eight times. She says that this total is how much you should save in a high-yield account. Elise has other saving tips that you can follow in order to build up this emergency fund.

You still might need a safety net while you’re trying to reach your savings goal. If you need a back-up plan, you could apply for a line of credit and use it as an alternative to your emergency fund. Click the link to see how you can get a line of credit through CreditFresh and learn important details about the cost of credit and the qualifications. You can do the entire application process online. It’s that simple.

2. Boosting Your Credit Score

Boosting Your Credit Score

Speaking of credit, your credit score might feel like a complete mystery to you. You’re not sure what you have to do to bring it up to a higher rank — or why you should even do so. If you’re confused and need some basic lessons about credit, you should look at the influencer Alisa Glutz, who goes by the handle Colormycredit. Glutz regularly makes viral content describing the basics of credit and how to give your credit score a boost. Three ways TikTok can help with your finances

Here are some brief examples of her advice:

  • Be aware of your balance-to-limit ratio. Try your best to stay away from your credit limits.
  • See if you can increase your limits to improve your ratio.
  • Be wary of hard credit inquiries. Too many of these can damage your credit score
  • Paying multiple times per month will not trick credit agencies into giving you a better score. Focus on paying down balances instead.

3. Saving Up

Saving Up

You have a hard time saving your money. For some reason, you can’t get enough savings out of your budget every month. You always feel like you fall short.

TikTok can help you find a simple solution. The BudgetBrosPodcast shared a money-saving hack where you take the last digit in your checking account and move it into your savings account. So, if you have $867 sitting in your checking account, move that $7.00 into the savings account. Make this a habit every single day. Three ways TikTok can help with your finances.

It’s a small enough amount that it won’t feel like a big deal. But over time, you’ll see that your savings are growing — and growing fast.

You can find just about anything on TikTok, it can including some solid financial advice. Why not watch some videos and try out the tips?

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