Nowadays, among the 10 most in-demand skills are creativity, the ability to solve complex problems, and critical thinking. In other words, companies are seeking innovative people. This is understandable since if you don’t innovate in these times, you are dead. Yes, innovation is a key to success. Thus, Design Thinking has taken on growing importance.

At least, until recently, Design Thinking was exclusive to startups and market-leading companies. It is, however, being adopted by a growing number of organizations. Its benefits are many. Why pass them by? This article will show you everything you need to know about Design Thinking, a new resource for meeting present and future challenges.

What Is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a 5-step methodology. But what makes it special? It has been proven to be the most effective one in comparison to the traditional methodologies. These are usually linear. In other words, you must follow the steps to the letter. Not so with Design Thinking. As an agile methodology, it is based on speed and flexibility. So, at any time, you can go backward and forwards. You can even skip stages if so deemed.

To quote Tim Brown, in an increasingly complex and changing world, linear thinking no longer leads anywhere. It has many limitations. Instead, letting emerge new flows of thought based on intuition, creative and critical thinking will be the key to business success. And this is where Design Thinking comes in.

Design Thinking in an iterative process
Design Thinking in an iterative process

How To Develop Design Thinking In Your Company?

Business transformation is probably the most complicated program any company will ever have to manage. Especially changing the way employees think or work.

While there is a temptation to want to do everything, you have to go little by little. Here are some ways to start implementing Design Thinking at the core of your business:

  • Focus On Human Values: Empathize with those you are designing for. Drawing attention to user feedback is one way to do this. Remember: it is not what you want, it is what the customer wants.
  • Don’t Just Say It, Show It: Communicate with your customers in a simple way through illustrations and good storytelling. In this way, you leave a powerful impact on the minds and hearts of your clients.
  • Create Multicultural Teams: Bring together all types of employees as they can provide different perspectives to problems, leading to new solutions that foster creativity and innovation.

Transform your business into a customer-centric organization with integrated marketing processes that support your inbound and outbound communications.

Different points of view make for interesting meetings
Different points of view make for interesting meetings

The Customer Is King

In an increasingly globalized world, each company is seeking to develop individual strategies that act as vectors of growth. However, most companies fail because they do not understand user needs. But how do you achieve this? A customer-centric strategy is an easy way! In that light, Design Thinking is the answer.

Design Thinking will help you to guide your customer-centric decisions more effectively. With this methodology, end-users are part of the development team and play a fundamental part in the project. It requires a much stronger client involvement compared to traditional methodologies, where the customer is only part of the analysis phase.

Key business drivers center on becoming more customer-centric. A customer-centric approach helps your company to drive new growth, maintain competitive agility, and attain operational excellence. As a result, many companies are already going in that direction. In other words, they are focusing on identifying the needs of their clients rather than their own.

Accurate, complete, and consistent customer information is essential to business success
Accurate, complete, and consistent customer information is essential to business success

Final Words

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