Psoriasis is one of the most uncomfortable skin conditions that many individuals suffer from at any age. Looking for ways to cure psoriasis has been a huge concern for dermatologists for a long time. The good news is that there is a product that is making waves in the skincare industry for how effective it is, and that product is CBD.

There is no question that the CBD phenomenon continues to grow all over the world. The benefits of CBD are starting to be seen in all kinds of treatment outcomes, with reports from all over the world that it is working. There is incredible value when using these powerful cannabidiol products, mainly due to its efficiency at dealing with stress related illnesses. Today, we will discuss some of the most important findings when it comes to CBD and the benefits of using it for the treatment of psoriasis. This is not to say that it is a miracle cure – but that indeed there is a growing body of evidence suggesting CBD as being effective to manage symptoms.

As Edmon Mamane, the CEO of Terravida said: “We supply a vast number of skincare clinics across the US with CBD hemp oil and a full range of products. Clinics who buy products on a recurring basis say that the ongoing treatment of psoriasis and anti-ageing are two of the main reasons for recurring purchases”. Terravida was asked to comment since they have a reputation for selling non-GMO certified products, have one of the widest product ranges in the US – and their products are “Made in USA” without any pesticides that may compromise quality. (Read more about Terravidaonline here)


CBD is not to be confused with marijuana

CBD is not Marijuana at all. The high concentrations of THC in marijuana are only found in minimal traces. A good CBD product will contain between 0 and 0.3% THC at the most. This is basically all the good that comes from the plant without the harmful and psychedelic effects. There are people who immediately feel apprehension when they hear about anything related to cannabis. Let’s be clear regarding CBD: when there is no psychoactive component and the potential medical benefits are huge.

The skin care market and CBD

Skincare has always been a difficult industry to trust. There are many products that seem to help, but you have a large percentage of products that don’t work as advertised. This has led to a large number of consumers feeling jaded, and they lack any trust or faith in most skincare products.

One of the most relevant changes we have seen in modern times is the use of CBD for all kinds of skincare purposes. Reports of significant changes and optimal results when treating skin conditions have been incredibly promising. This has created a wave of consumers who are recommending and praising the benefits of using CBD.

The use of CBD for your daily skincare needs is going to provide amazing results. There are many reports of acne and eczema being treated with significant improvement. Psoriasis is a more disruptive skin condition that will create patches, inflammation of the skin and itchiness. The use of CBD will bind to TRPV-1 skin receptors and this is going to trigger a soothing effect on the itchy and painful psoriasis outbreak.

The analgesic properties of CBD are ideal for the treatment of psoriasis. This is an instant feeling of relief that greatly contributes to the diminished intensity of the symptoms for those who suffer from psoriasis. A large number of skin conditions seem to see major improvements when CBD is applied consistently as part of a daily skincare regime.

The anti-aging power of CBD

Our bodies will eventually start showing signs of aging and this is an unavoidable outcome, but there are ways to revert the damage caused by the aging process and to slow it down significantly. Wrinkles, dryness, fine lines and blemishes are all quite visible on our skin as we age, but it is widely claimed that CBD has been remarkably effective in restoring the skin and slowing down this process.

Many business ventures are seeing the advantages of having CBD in their stores and clinics. Giving their clients access to this powerful skincare product is going to be extremely beneficial to them. B2B wholesale suppliers such as Terravida supply spas across the US. For most patients it is true that once they try it out and see the results, they are going to continue purchasing the products from that particular store or clinic repeatedly – so it clearly is a case of increasing customer lifetime value and satisfaction in the beauty industry.

More and more dermatologists are recommending that their clients start using CBD in order to see optimal results. There is an undeniable need for products that provide substantial results and CBD does not disappoint. It has truly become one of the leading skincare products in the modern world.

So is CBD a cure for psoriasis?

There is no conclusive research that determines if CBD cures psoriasis or if it only alleviates the symptoms and provides fast and effective results. Yet based on the little we know from worldwide public reports, the results are showing that these benefits seems more than enough to recommend CBD as a viable alternative to treat psoriasis.   

The good news is that purchasing CBD oil is very easy these days. It is a perfectly legal product to buy in many parts of the world, including a large number of states in America, as well as Europe and beyond. Some countries and states are still slow at legalizing the product, yet they are in the minority. As mentioned before, this is not to be confused with marijuana or any psychoactive drug, so take on board that there is a substantial difference.

Final thoughts

If you are suffering from this skin condition or you are showing any significant signs of aging, you may love the kind of results that you get from CBD. This product is reasonably affordable, effective and most importantly, it has no side effects. This makes for a very promising product that is already helping change the modern skincare industry.

Those who want to find out more can always do some quick research on CBD online. There is a wealth of scientific information to clear any doubts you might have about this product.

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