High-decibel noises are dangerous for your hearing and are often the reason for an inner ear injury known as acoustic trauma. A single exposure to just one loud noise or prolonged exposure to high-decibel noises over a period of time can cause acoustic trauma.

Head injuries can cause acoustic trauma if the eardrum is ruptured, as well as any other injuries. Not only does your eardrum transmit signals to the brain via small vibrations, but it also protects the middle and inner ear. Damage to the way those small vibrations are transmitted can result in hearing loss. When sound moves into the inner ear, it causes a threshold shift which can result in hearing loss.

Here are some causes

Causes of Acoustic Trauma

Car Accidents Cause Hearing Problems

All it takes is one significant exposure to a high-decibel sound to cause acoustic trauma. A sudden, powerful sound such as an explosion or blast wave can lead to damaged eardrums and conductive hearing loss. You’ve likely experienced a period of reduced hearing at some point after being exposed to loud sounds or a noisy environment such as a concert or night club. This is typically a temporary hearing impairment that will improve after a brief recovery time.

You may be suffering from permanent acoustic trauma if the hearing impairment continues. Typically, a person with an acoustic trauma is only able to hear within a narrow frequency close to 4kHz. Having a limited range of high-frequency tones makes it challenging to hear in certain daily situations or noisy environments. In this case, a hearing aid may be necessary.

Symptoms of Acoustic Trauma

Car Accidents Cause Hearing Problems

The main symptom of acoustic trauma is hearing loss. Sudden loud noises above 130 decibels can damage your ear structure, such as the ear’s natural microphone, known as the organ of Corti, or the small muscles in the ear known as the tensor tympani muscle. In most instances of long-term sound damage, you will have trouble hearing high-frequency sounds in the beginning, then later on lower frequencies may become difficult.

Tinnitus is a type of hearing injury that causes a buzzing or ringing sound and is an important indicator of early on-set acoustic trauma. Persistent or chronic tinnitus can be caused by drug use, changes to blood vessels, and exposure to loud noises.

No matter what type or the severity of your acoustic trauma, hearing impairment impacts your quality of life. Daily interactions and activities can go from enjoyable to frustrating when living with distracting buzzing or hissing. It’s in your best interest to meet with an audiologist with years of experience providing the best treatment options and hearing solutions for tinnitus patients available.

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Hearing Impairment From Personal Injury

Car Accidents Cause Hearing Problems

Experiencing a traumatic accident injury to the head in a car accident can lead to hearing impairment. The roadways and highways of Southern California are dangerous, and many motorists become car accident victims due to negligence, distraction, and recklessness such as drunk drivers, saysΒ Orange County car accident lawyerΒ Kevin Crockett. There are several common injuries resulting from automobile accidents, including catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other severe injuries resulting in medical expenses.

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Hearing loss caused by acoustic trauma can impact your overall quality of life, which is why you need to take reasonable care of your hearing. Get a hearing test from a professional audiologist at the first sign of hearing loss, and start taking charge of your hearing.

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