Looking for a new side-by-side for your summer camping adventures but don’t know where to start? Here are the essentials you’ll need to make the most of the experience.

No detail has been spared and no expense spared, from high-tech, space-age cushions to an electric brake controller. They also got the finest safety gear, the latest luxury accessories, and stylish personal items to complement your side-by-side. Here are the top Can-Am side-by-side accessories you must have:

1. Aluminum Roof


As obvious as it sounds, the roof is essential for your side-by-side. Not only does it ensure your safety and protection from the elements, but it also adds an extra layer of style to your ride. An aluminum roof will give you the best protection from the rain and scorching summer heat and add another stylish layer to your side-by-side’s already good looks.

2. Tinted Half Windshield

The Can-Am Must Haves list wouldn’t be complete without its tinted half windshield. No matter what time of the day, it’s great to give yourself coverage from the sun’s rays hitting your eyes or face, especially if you’re traveling long distances. The windshield can also reduce glare from oncoming traffic, making it much easier for you to see where you’re going when driving at night.

3. S&B Filters

If you want great protection from dust and debris, then the S&B Filters will do the trick. S&B Filters are among the best Can Am Maverick X3 accessories available today. They’re designed to withstand harsh weather and the worst conditions you can throw at them, from black bear territory in Canada to the desert sands of Arizona. Regardless of where you drive, your S&B Filters will ensure that your Cam-Am side-by-side engine is protected from dust and debris, so you can make it home safe.

4. Audio System

It doesn’t matter what kind of a side-by-side you drive; the sound system will always be a great accessory to have installed. Manufacturers always make it seem unnecessary, but there’s no denying that a good sound system adds to the whole camping and fishing experience. An impromptu rock concert with your new stereo will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Can-Am Accessories

5. Skid Plates

If you’re planning to go off-roading, make sure you have a set of skid plates installed on your side-by-side. There’s no better way to keep yourself and your vehicle safe than with this excellent Can-Am Maverick X3 accessory. Skid plates will ensure that you won’t get stuck in the mud or snow when off-roading, so you can avoid the embarrassment of being stranded for hours in the woods or on the highway.

6. Bumpers

Whether riding in the snow or just towing, a good front and back bumper kit will do the trick. Bumpers are another essential Can-Am accessory that will ensure your safety. They can prevent your side-by-side from getting damaged on rugged terrain, which is especially useful when pulling your wakeboard boat or jet ski trailer.

7. Winch

You don’t have to have an expensive off-road winch to make your side-by-side ride much more fun. A good set of winches will do the trick. Mounted on the front and rear bumper, they’ll help you stop momentum when traveling downhill at high speeds, plus they come in handy when you’re stuck in the mud or snow.

8. Linq System

Outside seats aren’t the only can’t-miss accessory for the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The Linq system is a sophisticated touch that adds a stylish and comfortable interior and provides unparalleled driving comfort for up to 20 minutes after the drive is complete.

9. Air Horn

Can-Am Top Accessories

No Cam-Am top accessory list would be complete without air horns. These are another essential Cam-Am Maverick X3 safety feature. Air horns let you communicate with others on the road when radar detectors and CB radios won’t do, saving you from potential accidents.


These accessories are the best riding gear you can get for your new side-by-side, but it’s not the only thing you should consider. Take the time to personalize and customize your ride with the best accessories it has to offer. With our top picks and creativity, you’ll soon have the best side-by-side.

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