When the AC unit in your home has some issues or stops working, you may fear there is no other way to get this fixed than to buy a new AC. However, there may be a way to repair your AC and avoid that big expense. Here are some things to consider before taking out your credit card.

Things To Consider Before Repairing Your AC Unit

The Age Of Your AC Unit

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Start by considering how old your unit is. If it is only a couple of years old, you are probably looking at a repair. If it is older than ten years, you may have to explore some newer models that will also be much more energy-efficient. If you are still on the fence or your unit is neither too new nor too old, you may want to apply the 5,000 rule. This means you multiply the age of your AC by the estimate you have been given for the repair. If the result is over $5,000, you are definitely facing a replacement.

The Frequency Of The Repairs

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If you have your AC repair service on speed dial, the time may have come for a replacement. Dealing with an air conditioner that is constantly breaking down or never quite able to cool your home to a comfortable temperature may mean it is in its last days. Calling an AC repair specialist may reveal whether there is an important component that needs to be replaced, such as the compressor or condenser.

To avoid falling into a routine of constant AC repair, get into the habit of having an AC technician perform regular preventive maintenance. Minor issues may then be discovered before they turn into something serious.

Your Unit’s Efficiency

A sign that your AC unit is no longer running efficiently is when it is on continuously and still never cools the space properly. The only thing that is being impacted by this constant activity is your energy bill, which will likely get higher every month. Check out the new AC units, and you may be surprised to discover the features they offer, such as smart thermostat compatibility, dehumidifying functions, and other technologies. Also, you will see an immediate reduction in your monthly electric bill and considerable savings by the end of the year.

Can Your AC Unit Be Repaired?

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Despite the above considerations, it may ultimately come down to you and your AC technician making the decision to repair or replace. By seeing the unit in person, your technician will determine whether the issue can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

Before rushing out to buy a new unit, an HVAC professional needs to give you some guidelines about the size, operation, and efficiency of the new system you would need to buy. At the same time, they can tell you how best to install the new unit to get the results and the cooling you expect.

Suppose your AC’s issues are still minor. In that case, there is no reason why your AC professional should not be able to tackle the AC repair and get you and your loved ones back indoors, enjoying the comfortable temperatures you have come to expect from a functioning AC.

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