When it comes to fashion trends that keep making a comeback, camouflage is at the top of the list. Camo is a look that seems to never really go out of style.

No matter what your personal style, camouflage can be integrated into any wardrobe. It’s timeless, cool, chic, and of course casual. In fact, it’s a look that seamlessly blends with nearly any style.

In this article, we take a look at what enable camo style to stick around when so many other styles fade away forever. Keep reading to learn exactly what makes camouflage clothes so popular.

The History of Camo

These days you see camouflage everywhere. City streets. Suburban malls. Corporate boardrooms. And in every town and city across the globe. But where did it originate?

It should come as no big surprise that camouflage was born far away from the places that have now made it hip and trendy. After all, it wasn’t created to be trendy or fashionable. It was actually intended to prevent you from being seen at all.

The original purpose of camo was for military use. It was developed to help soldiers hide from the enemy. This includes combat in the forest, desert, and even in Arctic climates. The simple idea of the now-familiar combination of colors and patterns was to make it more difficult for the enemy to identify troops among their surroundings.

Thus in snow, a solder would wear white camo, in desert he’d wear tan, and in forested areas he would dress in green, brown, and black.

This strategy proved highly successful in combat.

Next it was adapted for hunting, as hunters took advantage of the camo pattern to blend into surroundings so that they wouldn’t spook the animals.

The Fashion Scene

Today camo has become a mainstay of the fashion scene. No matter what city you live in, in any part of the world, you can spot someone wearing camo on nearly any street.

Why is it so popular? The simple answer is…it’s just an awesome look.

Keep in mind that camo goes with anything. Thus designers are able to pair it with with any style and any color and take any look to the next level.

And the simple fact is that camo is an attention-grabber. It makes a splash and turns heads. Customers young and old eat it up.

Camo for Streetwear and Beyond

Although camo style first gained traction with hunters in rural areas, it exploded when designers introduced it into urban environments. Now it’s a staple of streetwear.

It’s been hot with skater cultural for decades, but is now hotter than ever. Part of the appeal is its masculine vibe and energy. It looks tough and cool, yet is still trendy enough to be worn in any type of environment.

It’s a casual look, yet can be combined with a tux or any other formal wear. 

Popular streetwear camo includes bright neon patterns. And the color choices are no longer limited to the traditional options. In fact, there are no limitations. Designs have blown out the doors and taken the possibilities far beyond old school camo.

Camo is a fashion statement. It breaks up the mundane. It’s bold and edgy. 

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Camo on the Catwalk

Camouflage isn’t limited to the gritty side of life. It might be a great look for activewear such as camo jacket fashion, but its also alive and well with high-end designers who showoff their collections on the catwalk each season.

This style has returned in a major way to collections from major designers in every major city from New York to Milan. Nothing is off limits, from shoes to hats, purses to eyewear. It’s everywhere and in all things. 

In 2019, it’s been all over the catwalks for men’s collections, and has also been a lighter trend in collections for women.

The hottest models are wearing it, as are the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.

Camo is Sexy

Camo is such a great look. It has a sexiness that is hard to define. It’s been a hot look for pencil skirts, jumpers baggy trousers and accessories, because it adds instant spice to anything it touches.

It’s also a sexy style for any time of day. It’s an especially hot look for hitting the town for the night or on the weekend. 

Perfect for Any Season

One of the great things about the resurgence in the popularity of camo fashion is the fact that you aren’t limited by the season of the year. Many styles and colors only work for winter or summer, but you won’t have that problem with camo.

In fact, camo takes all those old ideas about what works and what doesn’t work, and turns those are their heads. In other words, camo has the power to break all the rules. So it’s no wonder that this is a trend that seems to have a life of its own and simply won’t go away.

Fashion designers have certainly made the most of this flexibility. They’ve worked it into everything from winter coats to summer skirts, bras and jewelry, and even their sexiest line of heels.

A Style Without Boundaries

Camo has come back in a big way in 2019. New collections are filled with amazing pieces that keep the fashion world excited. But the truth is that it never really went away.

And one thing is very clear: camo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s cool and sexy, and adds the perfect splash of style to any ensemble.

The Latest Resurgence of Camo Style

When you want to look cool, you don’t have to look any further than camo style. It’s a look that’s been popular for decades, and yet is more popular now than ever. Camo enables you to look trendy, sexy, and casual, all at the same time. And it accomplishes this almost effortlessly.

Camo might be trendy, but it’s also timeless, and you can expect it to stick around for decades to come. 

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