Motorcycle accidents always seem to be more treacherous than car accidents, but this is just because of some factors inherent with motorbikes. The driver may be less protected and the bike is also lighter than a car and more likely to be tossed about.

But this is debatable, and the liability issues connected with motorcycle accidents can be just as harrowing as with car accidents.

Certainly, there is the freedom a bike provides, and with some of them being so powerful, there is always that desire to accelerate at a rate and to speed. The rider may then become negligent when being reckless and this can lead to an accident and injuries to other people.

Why you need to hire services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer

There are several elements to a negligence claim and without help from a reputable California motorcycle accident lawyer, how will you even begin to know how to proceed if you believe that the driver of the car involved in your motorcycle accident was negligent and reckless?

There is no escaping it – motorcycle laws are complex, and California has particularly stringent laws. Trying to make head or tail of the law in this regardless is a fruitless endeavor and it would be a wise move to rather consult with a skilled attorney in California. They know all the intricate details of motorcycle accident law in California.

California law for instance requires every motorcyclist to wear a helmet and have insurance. It is also one of the states that allow lane splitting – where you can move in between lanes of traffic, all moving in the same direction.

Be in touch with the best lawyers

Thankfully, with all this to digest,  California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates have a deep knowledge and understanding of the laws with motorcycles in the state.

If you have been injured in an accident, then it makes sense to get hold of them immediately because they will fight for you and make the entire claim process stress-free and beneficial to you. Simply hand over all your anxieties into their capable hands, after all, they have 40 years of experience in this field. They are members of different leading law associations and your first consultation with experienced staff is free.

They have all the right experience, and they can make a real difference in the way things turn out for you.  As a motorcyclist, you’re more vulnerable on the roads, and without the assistance of a reputable California lawyer on your side, you are at greater risk of not only suffering injuries but ongoing legal battles that are so stressful they can hamper your recovery.

Over recent years, they have recovered millions of dollars for their clients, so just what are you waiting for?

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