It’s pandemic time. Covid 19 has brought everything to a standstill and life as we know it seems to be getting more and more difficult daily. It is painful having to wear masks and gloves and shields every time you even think of going out and extra care needs to be taken regarding cleanliness and sanitization.

However, life does not stop for anything or anyone. It moves on and we have to move on along with it. Pandemic or no, certain essentials are needed to live life and we need to figure the best and safest way to get them.

Getting Prescription Glasses Online

If you wear glasses, you know how important it is to keep getting an eye check-up regularly and updating your glasses accordingly. Thankfully, different eyewear companies have made good use of the digital tools available thus allowing us to get our prescription glasses from the comfort of our houses.

Let us look at how easy it is to order prescription glasses from vendor websites.

Step 1 – Vendor Selection

To start with, look for a site that collaborates multiple brands of eye-wear and also has good reviews. SmartBuyGlasses is one such retailer who offers a variety of brands and other features which help ease out the process.

Step 2 – Keeping Prescription Ready

You need to have a valid prescription ready. If you have forgotten or misplaced your prescription details, there are apps that you could download on to your phone or tablet and use the same to scan your current glasses online. It will give you the details of your current glasses.

Step 3 – Frame Selection

Next, let us move to selecting the frame. A frame can actually make or break the deal. A good frame can change the look of your face, highlight the attributes of your face and make your face more appealing when you wear glasses. Frames that are big in size tend to make your face look smaller and vice versa.

Your glasses also need to fit your face properly. If they are too loose, they will keep sliding off. If they are too tight, they will give you a headache.

Whether you are going for sunglasses or regular glasses, take some time to go through available options and pick a frame that suits your face. Many websites use your device’s camera function and allow you to super impose the frame on your digital photography so that you can actually see how the frame looks on your face. It is a good idea to use this feature before finalizing on the shape, color and material of the frame of your glasses.

Most spectacles have their measures engraved at the temple area so you could cross-check with an old pair of your spectacles if you already own one.

Also keep an eye on your budget while selecting the frame as well as the glasses. Some frames are way more expensive as compared to the others depending on the brand and the material.

Step 4 – Prescription Submission

Once you have decided all details about the aesthetic part of your frame, you will have to submit your prescription details online. Most websites have a section where you can directly upload a photo of your prescription. Some sites do not give you that facility and you will have to manually enter the same in the section provided.

Step 5 – Lens Selection & Other Features

Then come the lenses. Your prescription will decide whether you need single vision ones or multi-vision ones. However, there are a variety of options when it comes to lenses. The material, the thickness, the coatings, UV feature and more – you can decide as per your requirements and budget.

Also ensure you check on other factors like return facility, warranty, shipping time and charges, maintenance and insurance.


Once you are satisfied with all of these, in just a few clicks you can have your prescription glasses delivered to the safety of your house without having to step out. And don’t forget to sanitize them before trying them on!

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