The global semiconductor market in 2015 was $335 billion. What about a ten-year prospectus? The semiconductor global market is expected to more than double in size to $730 billion by the end of 2025.

Semiconductor equipment markets are a part of what makes this world of silicon go ’round. Are you ready to take it on? What’s involved in the semiconductor equipment market? Should you buy or sell new or used semiconductor equipment?

Keep reading to find out.

The Market of Semiconductor Equipment

The used semiconductor equipment market and the new semiconductor equipment market are usually facilitated by the same companies. A semiconductor doesn’t just go from sand to a SOC by itself.

To meet the demand of IoT and a changing market landscape of the x86 and ARM wars to both fighting off RISC-V, semiconductors are about to be more open-source, open-ended, and extensible than ever.

This extensibility means that everyone and their grandmother will be able to get down on bringing a new wave of instruction sets to bear on the market. NVIDIA has already gotten on board.

How can you and your company get in on the next generation of semiconductor innovation?

Buying and Selling Semiconductor Equipment

Fabrication houses range in size from 4,500 to 90,000 square meters. Fabrication houses and “foundries” don’t usually design and sell their own chips, but rather make chips for others. They work with large scale distribution to assemble devices such as your Android or Apple device at other locations.

As manufacturers upgrade their equipment to make SOCs or Ram or CPUs, it has to go somewhere. This is usually where the used semiconductor equipment market comes in.

Used manufacturing equipment has about ten years of usable life, but it’s only used by its initial owner for two or three years on average. After that, it has to be decommissioned or resold or recycled. Along with the hardware change, the old way of buying and selling semiconductor equipment is changing.

Despite making bleeding-edge tech, the industry of semiconductor equipment has been left stagnant for some time, with little in the way of innovation. When dealing with machines that sometimes cost in the millions, not just anyone will be buying it. It takes trust, experience, and networking to find and trade machines like this.

Brokers like Moov are innovating in ways totally unknown to previous decades. Before, these kinds of deals were facilitated by agents. Industry leaders like LG are moving towards a more technological marketplace landscape.

We’ve Come Full Circuit

The semiconductor equipment market is poised to take over our lives and reach a wider audience than ever before. Are you ready? We at Action Life hope this article has made you just a little more ready to handle what’s coming in the next 5 years.

With the IoT ready to explode onto the scene along with 5G, semiconductors and PCBs will be in high demand. Make sure you’re riding the wave by reading our tech and business articles, so you aren’t caught unawares.

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