Did you know people wear rings that aren’t the proper size? If you want to buy jewelry that fits and suits your style, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to buy jewelry to match different outfits.

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Pick up Anklets

An anklet can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. If you don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry but want to add something to your look, get an anklet.

You can wear anklets with a dress, shorts, or jeans. Anklets are a simple but staple piece of jewelry. You can wear an anklet with tennis shoes, heels, and sandals.

Don’t Pile on Jewelry

If you wear a formal dress to an event, you might want to pile on jewelry to add more jazz to the outfit.

Yet, simple pieces work well with formal gowns and outfits. You could look for delicate pieces like diamond stud earrings to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

You won’t draw attention away from your gorgeous dress.

Focus on Your Neckline

When shopping around for jewelry, make sure you consider how you can add pieces to your neckline. A necklace with a flashy pendant can ruin a look. Instead, try to find the right necklace to accentuate your outfit.

If you want to wear a strapless dress to a party, wear a short pendant style necklace or chunky choker. If you’re wearing an off the shoulder sweater, wear a dangling, chunky necklace.

For a collared shirt, wear a thin, short-chain necklace with a large pendant. Low-necked dresses or shirts will look good with shorter chains.

A v-neck top will look lovely with a narrow pendant. If you have a sweetheart neckline dress, wear a curved necklace.

For a cowl neck top, don’t wear a necklace. Instead, wear unique earrings. If you have a top that already has an embellished neckline, you don’t need to add more jewelry.

Try Layering Necklaces

Pick up a few smaller necklaces and layer them on top of each other. You’ll appear sophisticated and elegant. Mix the necklaces from a variety of styles. Yet, try to stick with the same color scheme.

Wear layered necklaces with a casual blouse, dresses, or a t-shirt. You can sometimes pick up necklaces in a set. Have fun styling layered necklaces for your next night out with friends.

Try to Match Prints

Have fun finding jewelry that matches the patterns on your clothes. If you’re wearing a dress or shirt with a bold print, wear earrings or necklaces that mimic the print or shape.

Bracelets and Sleeves

To choose a new bracelet, you’ll want to consider the tops you have. If you have a long sleeve length, you won’t need to wear a lot of bracelets. Wear thinner bracelets.

Pair a thick or chunky cuff bracelet with a sleeveless top or summer dress.

Delicate and thin bracelets will look lovely with a longer-sleeved top. If your sleeves end at your elbows, don’t wear a bracelet.

If you have long sleeves but want to wear your bracelets, you can push the sleeves up to show them off.

Also, you’ll want to consider your body shape when choosing bracelets. Bracelets add a final touch to your outfit and draw attention to your features.

If you’re small boned, try to wear bracelets that are thinner and delicate. If you’re bigger boned, look for bracelets that have an eye-catching and larger design.

For those with shorter arms, look for delicate pieces. Longer armed people can choose thicker bracelets.

Styling Long Necklaces

Looser clothing can make people appear broader and shorter. Add a long-tapered necklace. The necklace will help even out a person’s shape.

If you wear a t-shirt dress, wear a long chain with a pendant to add balance to the look.

Style Earrings

One way to change up your outfit is to swap out your earrings. If you’re going out for drinks, wear small hoop earrings with your blazer and ponytail. For dinner out, wear big hoops with your hair down.

For an elegant and simple look, wear your pearls or studded diamonds. Find unique pieces at Julio Designs.

Don’t Forget About Rings

Thin silver or gold rings will appear elegant for professional and daytime activities. You can replace these simpler rings with colorful cocktail rings at night. Everyone will notice your hands.

To balance a casual look, look for midi rings, stacking rings, and signet rings.

Timeless Jewelry Pieces to Buy

Pearls are a classic earring to wear. You can wear a tennis diamond bracelet with almost anything in your closet.

For a trendier look, consider wearing gold hoops with pearls or a pearl choker.

Bracelet Watch

The bracelet watch is a popular watch that can look like a piece of jewelry but is still functional.

Wear your bracelet watch to complement a weekend look or office outfit. Pair it with a leather jacket and graphic tee or a blazer and blouse.


A smartwatch might not be the first thing you think about when accessorizing your outfit.

Yet, you can wear your smartwatch with your streetwear style. Add a sporty and futuristic edge to your look with this watch.

Now You Know How to Buy Jewelry for Your Wardrobe

We hope this guide on how to buy jewelry was helpful. Now that you know what jewelry pieces to pick up start styling your outfits today.

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