According to some of the most recent data, in 2018, U.S. customers saw an average power outage length of 5.8 hours. In certain industries, being without power can spell disaster. Imagine a hospital losing power and being unable to run life-saving equipment!

Commercial generators are the best way to keep the power on and save both lives and money. If you’re interested in learning which industries benefit the most from a commercial backup generator, check out our list.

Medical Care

Medical Care

One of the many industries that benefit the most from commercial generators are businesses in the medical care field. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and anywhere that provides emergency services rely on electricity every day to keep patients alive.

Patients in critical care may rely on medical devices such as ventilators to remain in stable condition. The surge of coronavirus cases across the world has revealed to many the importance of ventilators.

When the power goes out due to a storm or other reason, hospitals and medical care facilities must have a second power source.


The agricultural industry relies on backup power to keep food from spoiling. Dairy farms rely on equipment to keep the milk cool, for instance.

Many farms exist in rural areas and may see longer durations without power. As such, it’s crucial that these agricultural businesses have a secondary form of power to keep their products from going bad. Without commercial generators, many businesses in this field would face a disastrous financial impact.



Commercial generators help those in the pharmaceutical industry keep any temperature-sensitive medication from going bad. Other than medications, such as insulin and asthma medication, some vaccines also rely on a cold chain.

Biopharmaceuticals or biologicals come from organic sources; examples include tissue transplants and organs. These biologicals are often used to treat diseases such as cancer or rheumatism, and they must be stored at a certain temperature. Laboratories and research facilities rely on backup power sources to keep these biologicals safe.

Restaurants and Food Production

Restaurants and Food Production

When the power goes out, it’s a race against time to keep food from spoiling. Refrigerated food that gets too warm can grow bacteria, which can cause food to spoil.

Restaurants have to follow strict health laws regarding food spoilage and refrigeration. Restaurants also rely on backup power to run the cash registers. Plus, they can get the lights and heating or cooling back on and keep their customers comfortable.

Similar to restaurants, food trucks also rely on generators to keep food from going bad. This helps them avoid taking a financial loss.

Smaller businesses on a budget may consider used generators. This cheaper alternative keeps food safe and prevents major losses.

Commercial Generators Save the Day

As you can see, there are many industries that rely on commercial generators to keep operations running as they should. When the power goes out, the backup generator kicks on, saving the day and preventing huge losses.

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