Do you have a disabled co-worker? Have you ever visited a place of business where a disabled person was employed? If your answer was no, then understand it’s likely to change within the coming years.

Employers are increasingly hiring disabled workers. Why is this happening, and why should you care? Keep reading to get all the details.

Statistics Show More Businesses Are Hiring Disabled Workers

Across the board, big companies are moving towards hiring those with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act has helped fuel this change. Here’s a brief overview of the law:

  • It was passed in 1990
  • The law prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities
  • The law aims to provide equal opportunities to the disabled
  • It became effective in 2009
  • It applies to employment practices
  • Employers must provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants

It’s crucial for businesses to understand the laws surrounding employment discrimination. Did an employer deny you the opportunity to work due to your disability?

Know your rights. Reach out to a law firm, like DarrasLaw, to learn about your legal options.

What’s Driving This Trend?

Among disabled adults, only one in four maintain jobs. In the past, people with disabilities struggled to find employment because of:

  • Physical limitations
  • Misconceptions about disabilities
  • Lack of access to education
  • Concerns about legal liability
  • Concerns about accommodations

Now, the number of companies that hire disabled adults is skyrocketing. What’s fueling this change? Businesses with more than 15 employees must remain compliant with the law. It’s illegal to discriminate based on disability.

Hiring disabled adults is also good for business. The bottom line is companies who offer jobs for the disabled outperform competitors.

Disabled children are now afforded equal access to education. That makes them more employable as adults. Additionally, awareness of disabilities is increasing.

Why You Should Care

We all know that the ability to work gives us the ability to be independent and free. Those who aren’t given the opportunity to work have very limited options.

People with limited economic options often struggle mentally with their situation in society. Did you know that suicidal thoughts plague the unemployed?

Increased employment for people with disabilities is good for everyone. It’s not only a matter of social responsibility but also of good business.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that about one in five Americans have a disability. A society with that many people out of the workforce will struggle. It benefits everyone for businesses to offer jobs for people with disabilities.

What Does the Future Hold?

The trend is clear: more American businesses are hiring disabled workers. The benefits of these choices are widespread across society. It impacts not only the disabled community but also society as a whole.

Experts continue to claim that autism and other disabilities are on the rise. Businesses must adapt to these changes.

Are you interested in learning more about what experts expect the workplace to look like this year? Check out these top ten workplace trends for 2019 to get all the latest details.

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