If you want to get rid of body fat, lose weight and tone yourself to absolute perfection, there’s a lot you can do. By far the best and most effective way to do this is through the all natural dieting and exercising constantly. This has been the proven method and comes with barely any side effects, costs you almost nothing and doesn’t require any injections, cuts or gashes.

But it does take, however, is a lot of time, patience and a bunch of determination. These are things that everyone understands or has the resources for, whether physical or mental. also, exercising and dieting aren’t as straightforward as most people would believe. we all have different bodies and they all function differently, so what works for you may not work for many other people out there and vice versa. But that’s why we have treatments like CoolSculpting and kybella NYC clinics fat freezing and fat burning treatments that have taken the city by surprise at just how effective they are.

There’s so many people going in for these treatments to tone their bodies, the tons of clinics have recently begun to offer them at amazing prices and unprecedented deals. It would be a shame if you would miss out on all the great bargains, but what’s the point of spending money on something, if you don’t actually know what it is or what it does. Which is why we will be taking a look at what these two treatments are and how exactly these hot and cold procedures are able to dissolve body fat so effectively.

Here are the Ways

Coolsculpting: Freezing Fat in its Pockets

You probably never thought you’d hear that we’ve managed to find a way to freeze fat out of the body. But it is true and this is essentially how CoolSculpting tones and chisels the body to perfection. Most common fat reduction procedures involve the physical cutting out of the fat or getting rid of it with special chemicals. But CoolSculpting utilizes a different method of dissolving fat.

It was discovered not too long ago that fat cells actually have a weakness to the cold. If exposed long enough to it, fat cells enter into a process called apoptosis, where they shrivel up, die out and soon get scooped up by the body and recycled. And this all happens after the fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures for long enough. This is naturally encoded into all fat cells in everyone’s body and works with pretty much anybody type out there.

During the procedure, special pumps are put on your body, which clamp on to the skin that has the fat buildup under it. For up to an hour, cold air is pumped onto the skin, where it creates an environment cold enough to stimulate the cells into entering apoptosis. Once they do, the body handles the rest. So essentially: all the procedure does is it creates a stimulant for the fat cells to destroy themselves.

the procedure is non-invasive as it doesn’t involve any cuts or injections, making the recovery time very short or pretty much non-existent and the side effects absolutely minimal. This means you don’t have to spend weeks sitting inside having to take care of your skin with different products and make sure that you don’t accidentally do something wrong and cause some unwarranted results.

CoolSculpting is a very casual treatment, with the downside of taking a bit of time. Since it is essentially a natural way of losing body fat in specific areas, it will take your body up to half a year to slowly chip away at the fat clumps.

Kybella: Burning Through Fat Layers One Cell at a Time

And then you have kybella, which takes a more direct approach at burning away fat cells by pretty much literally burning them away. Unlike CoolSculpting, which relies more on your body to do all the work, kybella immediately starts to dissolve away the fat cells and toning that particular part of your body.

Now there are treatments that utilize the kybella injection for different parts of the body, however the area that gets the kybella treatment the most is the double chin. This compound is perfect for burning through the fat under the chin and leaving behind a smooth, chiseled jawline.

The injection utilizes deoxycholic acid, a chemical that’s found inside your stomach that is naturally produced by your body to break down the fat that you consume. Well it doesn’t utilize the real thing, the acid used in the cabela injections is a synthetic version of that very same chemical. This means that the chances of your body having an allergic reaction are much slimmer, since it produces its own variant of the very chemical that is being injected. This means that the treatment is a lot safer than others of its kind that may utilize a more artificial compound.

And while one session of kybella isn’t generally enough to get rid of the double chin, most patients do see a lot of progress with every treatment. With every subsequent collection, the double chin is smoothed out more and more and the compound works better every time. MiracleFace MedSpa, located in Manhattan, has a special Kybella NYC cosmetic package, which offers the injection for a very reasonable price, making the treatment a great bargain for anyone looking to update their appearance without having to pay up a fortune for it.

In fact, you can find a lot of great treatments for good prices if you know where to look, like in MiracleFace MedSpa. All it takes is a bit of research and knowing exactly what you want. And if you’re looking to get a bit of fat removed, these two treatments stand out as the truly special ones. Many cosmetic specialists recommend trying them out, if you don’t have the time or resources to put into natural body contouring techniques. Just give it a try and see for yourself what good they can do for you.

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